Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ways to Communicate with Friends Around the World (for free!)

Meaning, me. Communicate with me. ;)

Job and I have a home phone (landline, how quaint!) that we can use to call the U.S. of A. for no extra cost, and both our cell phones are the same. However a lot of friends in the U.S., and around the world don't have that perk. But you really don't have to pay extra money to be able to text, call, and even video chat. Here's the low down on how to get around:

1. Viber-This app was recommended to me by a friend who uses it to communicate with her fiance in Sri Lanka. Job and I love it, and it's what we used 90% of the time while we were apart this summer. There are a ton of fun emojis/stickers, free texting, free video chats, and free calling as long as you are both connected to internet. It's available worldwide, and on any device. Can't beat it.

2. What'sApp. This is a great app for texting and sending photos. A lot of people in Mexico use this app, even within the country. You really don't have to pay for unlimited texting if you can use an app like this.

3. Kakao. I used this during our trip to Korea. My sister Maren taught me about it (she lived in South Korea for 18 months), and it's used a lot in Asian countries. It has good calling abilities, and some fun features (check out the voice changing feature. Job and I laughed like maniacs for the longest time).

4. Talkatone. Get a free number that you can choose, and call/text U.S. numbers for free anywhere in the world. Not as useful if you want to call non-U.S. numbers. But a good basic service.

5. Facebook chat and video calls. I didn't even know you could video chat on facebook. My 16 year old cousin just taught me. That's how he has communicated with his friends in the U.S. while he has been down here living with Job. I guess that's how the young 'uns do it these days.

There are a TON more apps that allow calling and texting for free with an internet connection. These are just a few I have and use. If you find another one you love, let me know! And download one of them so you can text me ;)

Happy {free} international communicating, friends!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Questions: Answered

The most common questions I get about our move:

Q: Do you speak Spanish?
A: No. Not yet. (But I wiiiillll!)

Q: Where is Monterrey?
A: North East Mexico. Easily found on a map because it's a main city.

Q: How long will you be there?
A: No clue. As long as we feel like ;)

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes

Q: Can you work as a nurse down there?
A: That's the plan. Still working out details.

Q: Can I come visit?
A: YES!! Please do!! We will have a room ready for you.

Q: Is Monterrey by the beach?
A: Nope, sorry ;) But we do have mountains galore.

Q: Why should I come visit you if there is not a gorgeous beach?
A: Because you love us. And if you don't love us, don't visit. (ok, no one asked that. We are willing to meet people at the beach though, because we like Mexican beaches as much as the next person. But Monterrey has a lot going for it too. Give it a chance, beach people ;).

Q: How did you become so amazingly beautiful and adventurous?
A: Oh Job, I love you too.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New Adventures Coming Our Way

Our big news for the year--moving to a new country! Job has been working in Mexico since March, and I am on a plane down there right now. This is big for us. Lots of changes from Boston, Massachusetts to Monterrey, Mexico. We are very excited about our opportunities there, and are ready for a whole lot of new adventure! But my goodness, we will miss Boston. So, so much. We have grown and developed as individuals and a family during our time here, and absolutely fell in love with the city, New England, and all the people we have met here. We have lived here the longest in our marriage, and dug our roots deep, even in our relativity short time of 5 1/2 years. It will always stand as an important chapter in our history, and our future kids will know how much Boston meant to their parents.

Job's experiences at the Boston Conservatory, and particularly with his teacher Markus, prepared him to gain employment performing full time in the Monterrey symphony orchestra, and teaching at UANL (a university in the city). It is a blessing and a dream recognized to be able to make a good living performing his art.

I have had the best job during my time in Boston. Working as a nurse for a very incredible young man, and with a fantastic team at the Kennedy Day school, FHFC. I grew in my career, and loved going to work each day. It was a happy mix.

We adventured around the city, traveled the New England area and beyond, and tried to fully integrate ourselves into life here. We loved each season, even the crazy, memorable snow storms. We took the T, ate the food, met the people, walked the streets (we're not street walkers, but, you know), saw the sites, went to the events, and embraced this place to the fullest we could. In a word, it is home.

But home is wherever we are together; so, we are looking forward with bright eyes to our new home and new life in beautiful Monterrey, Mexico!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Other October Affairs

Sunsets and bike rides, and leaves galore, 
Gourmet night, a football game, some concerts, and more.

Running in neighborhoods, eating some donuts,
getting dressed up was a Halloween bonus.

Clouds that were pretty, and bright colored trees,
Hanging with friends, and did I mention, leaves?!

October was bangin', October was grand,
Now off to November, for adventures at hand.

I got the opportunity this month to help some friends, get my run on with Michelle, support a friend in a play, get dressed up and adult trick or treat with Emerald, and celebrate a KDS Halloween. Of course there was my New York trip, a relief society activity which got me thinking about gratitude, a ward Halloween party which I totally 0-assed (I didn't bring anything, didn't dress up, and didn't move from my table to socialize. I made people come to me to socialize ;) The Autumn leafs were INCREDIBLE, I shout. I could never capture them well enough with my camera, and oft times I didn't even try. I just sat back and enjoyed with my eyeballs. As much as I hate going there, the weather was perrrrfect. Thanks October, you were swell. (See? Look how grateful I am.)