Saturday, August 29, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

Happiness is living a life having fun, friends, and freedom. -Lorrin L. Lee

 Just a few photos from some of the activities Job and I fit in while he was here. Every little date was heavenly, no matter what we did ;) I could use a date with that guy right about now.

Anyways, one of the things we did was to head to the Mystic River to help clean up invasive water chestnuts. These plants were brought to the river by a Harvard Professor (jeez, thanks Harvard ;) and because they are not native to the area, they become invasive and hurt the local plants and animals. So we volunteered to canoe around and hand harvest the plants. It was actually really fun, and we felt happy we could do a little something to help our local river ways. I have a lot of work to do in becoming more eco friendly, but I really do love this earth and try to leave it a clean and happy place to live :) More about the Mystic River Watershed Association here, for any locals who might want to get involved.

We headed to Saus afterwards, because getting rid of those bossy plants works up an appetite for poutine!

 We came across Haymarket, and couldn't resist stopping in and buying some produce (a lot of it in fact).
 There were some fun fruits this weekend, including fresh lychees (not pictured), which I've always wanted to try! They are delish. We asked about 7 vendors for jicama, but everyone just showed us their cucumbers (not an inuendo. Real cucumbers). Whole foods saved the day with all the jicama we could want later.

One morning we meandered around our old walking trail with the dogs. These gals LOVE Job, and he loves them. I love walking with Job, and the podcasts we listen to, so everyone was happy and filled with good feelings ;)

These fine folks had us over for great food, music, and conversation. There is always great food, music, and conversation at the Navas. We like these people.
Desserts 1 and 2. I'm not even joking, and I'm definitely not mad.
                                                                               We played with food.

 We got to the temple together, which was much needed, and very calming. It is one of my happy places.

The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company did King Lear for Shakespeare on the Common this year, and we partook. After reading up on the plot and story of course, because the tragedies are always harder for me to follow than his comedies. I imagine it's even harder when English is your second language, so I'm grateful for Job for being the intelligent, dapper, and cultured gentleman he is. He is always up for an artistic endeavor, and I really love that about him. The play was fantastically performed, the weather perfectly perfect, and the food truck pizza piping hot.

Just cruising around the city. Isn't this aerial sculpture so lovely! It's called As If It Were Already Here, and is by Janet Echelman, and is along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. I really need to go back at night when it's lit up. I've heard it's stunning. 

We stopped by Job's alma mater one afternoon to take some photos for a little project. It is so crazy to think it has been over a year since he left! Two degrees, four years, (all our money haha), and many adventures at that place. It's a really good place, but as Job is correct in saying, you really need to make your own good experiences no matter where you go to school. I think he made some good choices which helped him have a positive experience. It is a fantastic school, and we are grateful for the opportunity he had to attend there. Oh, and did you hear about the merger between The Boston Conservatory and Berklee College of Music? Interesting....

I like it when Job serenades me on the piano or violin (or any of the instruments he can play). It's just romantic, ok.

This is my favorite.

This is the end.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Job "visits" Boston, July

Job had a good long break from work in July, so he decided there were worse things in life than to spend it with me. So, he dragged himself on an airplane to come visit ;) Do you know what we did for those two weeks? We lived normal lives. And it was blissful! It made me realize how much I love having Job with me to share everyday life; the highs and lows, the errands, the fun, the food, the laughs. I went to work, he practiced his violin, took meetings and lessons, and cooked really good food for me. When I got home each day he was there, with a smile, a kiss, and a conversation. That's good stuff for me.

Evening debriefing.
Pizza picnic. We had the most gorgeous evening, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it than by grabbing our favorite pie, lying down on a blanket, and chilling out.


Weekdays I get up much too early for a proper sit down breakfast, but weekends called for breakfasts in bed. We took turns preparing breakfasts for each other.
And each day when I came home, here he would be. He is one of the most dedicated dudes I know.
I ate so well when Job was home. Too much to be sure, but sooooo well.

You know, just talking a walk and randomly happening upon a grocery store, and accidentally buying some ice cream. (that was the whole purpose of our walk ;)

More to come. We fit in some fun activities while he was here that I'd like to share. It makes me happy to go through these photos. We're fine on our own, but we are pretty darn great together. (I can say that, it's my blog ;)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Wake up call

Someday I will stop being surprised at his surprises, but for now I am loving them. Job told me he was coming in tonight, but actually showed up in my doorstep last night/this morning at 1am. I was awoken by the sound of "human of the year" from my cell phone, and was incredulous that it was morning time already. (My alarm also plays Regina Spektor, just a different song. I wasn't quite thinking straight that early). Well, that ringtone is only for my human of the year so once I realized that I answered and heard a, "can you come open the door for me?" :) Yeeeeessssss.

Turns out he was supposed to arrive around 9pm, but every flight Job gets on is delayed. He got to hang out on a beach in Miami for the day, so not too bad ;) He is here now, and we are ready to live it up like a married couple. Like, we still have to go to work. But the evenings and weekends are our for the taking, so we'll take them and run.