Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Other October Affairs

Sunsets and bike rides, and leaves galore, 
Gourmet night, a football game, some concerts, and more.

Running in neighborhoods, eating some donuts,
getting dressed up was a Halloween bonus.

Clouds that were pretty, and bright colored trees,
Hanging with friends, and did I mention, leaves?!

October was bangin', October was grand,
Now off to November, for adventures at hand.

I got the opportunity this month to help some friends, get my run on with Michelle, support a friend in a play, get dressed up and adult trick or treat with Emerald, and celebrate a KDS Halloween. Of course there was my New York trip, a relief society activity which got me thinking about gratitude, a ward Halloween party which I totally 0-assed (I didn't bring anything, didn't dress up, and didn't move from my table to socialize. I made people come to me to socialize ;) The Autumn leafs were INCREDIBLE, I shout. I could never capture them well enough with my camera, and oft times I didn't even try. I just sat back and enjoyed with my eyeballs. As much as I hate going there, the weather was perrrrfect. Thanks October, you were swell. (See? Look how grateful I am.)

Monday, November 16, 2015

October NYC trip, part II

There's more! I will be more brief this time. Sunday was amazing as well. (Can you believe we fit all that stuff from the last post just on Saturday? Lexi is a pro tour guide, and I'm a pro adventurer ;). Anyways, we attended church in the morning, via Tyron Park, which was really nice, and then walked up to the Cloisters. Goodness, it was beautiful, and such a great way to spend a Sunday morning. It was so peaceful, and the art and architecture is amazing. The way it incorporates everything seamlessly gives you such a good look at the medieval European time period, and how everything would have been displayed. The gardens were delightful as well.

We headed over to Brooklyn for the afternoon. Biking across the bridge > walking across the bridge. Iconic views and free sailing across in the bike lane. We went along the promenade, Got some delish lunch, I ate a Brooklyn ice cream factory cone, since I hadn't had enough sugar at that point ;), and we just enjoyed the gorgeous afternoon and beautiful views. I love Brooklyn and could spend a loooonnng time there exploring. But alas, the trip was coming to a close. I said goodbye to Lexi, and then headed to the Lower East side and Chinatown to explore a bit more before heading home. I liked both neighborhoods a lot. It's amazing how quickly they change from one block to another. I found some cool shops, explored the streets, and ate some good food. Later I found a coffee shop to grab some tea, charge my phone, and people watch. It was so relaxing to sit at the end of my trip, watch the city pass by, and take everything in. My scrounged dinner from different shops consisted of pickles, olives, and a doughnut, which got me through the bus ride home. #balancedmeal.

 One of my favorite photos from the trip. I don't know why, I just love all the bikes on the cobblestone, and the bridge perfectly peeking out of the buildings.
 The scarf is definitely putting off a "nursing cover" vibe in this pic. Yikes. Gotta find a new way to wrap it ;)

I feel so lucky I got to enjoy this weekend adventure, and big thanks go to the Warrens for hosting me. Can't wait to return the favor someday (soon! ;)