Monday, March 31, 2014

Dine out Boston 2014-Boston Bucket List item checked! :)

Another one bites the dust on our Boston Bucket List.

We got gussied up and went out to dine for Boston's restaurant week this time around. We have been meaning to do it for years, and we are so glad we finally did. It also made us want to do it twice a year whenever Dine Out happens. It is such a fun way to try out the cool restaurants in town.

We chose T.W. Food for our date night per trusted friend's recommendation, and it hit the mark. Everything was absolutely delicious, the restaurant cozy and comfortable, and the service was friendly.

 We enjoyed 7 distinct parts of the meal with 3 courses of lusciousness. It kind of made us want all that more often ;) It is nice to slow down and enjoy a long, leisurely dinner. After dinner we skipped the T and caught a car home (thank you Uber) so we could continue to bask in the food coma.

 ce qu'est un repas!

My love forever

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What some people will do for food

When there is a pop-up doughnut shop in town, we go. When there is a pop-up doughnut shop in town run by one of our favorite chefs from this season of Top Chef, we go and take lots of pictures. For your enjoyment and ours:
There was quite the line before this places opened. And this was early Saturday morning. And we were second in line ;) (ok, basically first. We were watching the line from a bench across the street and there was no one when we arrived. We headed over as soon as others arrived).

Picture time! That's Stephanie Cmar (and Job, duh). She is the cutest, and super sweet.

We talked to a couple at the table next to us after our meal and chatted about our favorites. They were so shocked when we said we each had three doughnuts. What!? There were three flavors so it only made sense...
Doughnuts are pretty rad. And oh-so trendy, did you know?

Also Boston friends, since this pop-up was successful Stephanie is doing more of them. She has been going around to different restaurants around Boston each weekend. Look it up and go :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

"May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live"

Happy St. Patrick's day 2014!

We tend to avoid the public displays of drunkenness on this day (at least for ourselves. We see plenty of it though ;) but we think we had a lot more fun this year, and remembered perhaps a little better.

Boston doesn't mess around with St. Pat's. It has one of the biggest celebrations in the U.S., and the whole city is green for the weekend.

We started our fun weekend with a Celtic's basketball game. What better way to celebrate than to cheer on our boys in green and watch Lucky do some slam dunks?! ;) We went with Shay and Alexis (shout out!) and had a fantastic time. It also turned out 4 of our other friends happened to be there on the opposite side of the arena enjoying it too. We enjoyed creeping on them from our seats with our mega zoom.

 Heeeeeey girl!

 Alexis was a great game buddy. Willing to talk to me the whole time while intermittently cheering when something exciting happened ;)

Power couple right here. They are amazing :)

Sunday we had a fantastic (and now traditional-2nd year running ;) Irish-American dinner with our favorite foodie friends Michelle and Sebastian. I couldn't think of anything better than eating and laughing with them on a Sunday afternoon :)
I attempted to make soda bread, and everyone forgave me and ate it anyways.
A few rounds of pictionary telephone, then plans for group vacations some day...Mexico 2015 (or '16) here we come!

Monday at work I got to hang out with my buddy who is actually part Irish and full ginger. It was destined to be great. The Boston Police Gaelic Column of Pipes and Drums always comes to Franciscan Hospital for Children to play each St. Patrick's day and they are awesome! Nothing gets me feeling festive for the holidays like some bagpipes and seriously cool drumming. 

And that's how we do it.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get thee to a thesaurus

Most people have a word they don't like for irrational reasons right? 

Mine is nuptials.

It's like a combo of nipples, and genitals. Neither of which are bad on their own, but together, and used in the context of a wedding...

makes me cringe a little bit inside.

I just thought I would get that out there.

Addition: Watching Portlandia tonight and I see Candace and Toni even have one- (see seconds 1:35-1:55).

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

And a chocolate soda

We had a Cosby date the other night, check it out. Hoagies and chips, oh yes. We happen to be proud season 7'ers of the Cobsy show currently.
I was also really hungry so I made 3 hoagies. Why did I make three enormous hoagies? Because just look at those things.

Look at 'em nice and close!

They were delish. (but we still couldn't eat 3 ;)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Keeping it cool

Me at the beginning of Les Misérables-----"Yeah, I don't really cry at movies"

Me at the end of Les Mis----- Full out tears.

I guess I was feeling a tad emotional that night ;)

We also are obviously over a year behind on our movies watching. That's just how it goes for us, so no spoilers on any of the new releases. We will be enjoying them sometime in 2015.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Year of the what?!

Job brought me a little treat for Chinese New Years this year. He also excitedly showed me a compatibility sheet. He is the year of the Rat and he read the dates wrong and thought I was too. So look! Compatibility=A very good match! I had to correct him and let him know I am actually the year of the horse. How is that supposed to work out? See for yourself:
It reads: "no, no, no" That's all, just N-O. It's the lowest compatibility score haha.

Oh my. Well, things seem to be working out pretty well so far so I think we'll stay together ;)