Wednesday, June 10, 2015


As I mentioned here, I want to try a few things solo while Job and I are apart. I could always do these things with friends, and I really love my friends, but I think it's good to learn how to enjoy being with yourself sometimes. I might not get to all of these, but here are some ideas:

I'll try and report if I end up doing any of these. I am excited about the prospect. It will be interesting to see whether I am uncomfortable with any of these situations, or if I have grown and experienced enough lately to feel fine about them. Either way, I always have more to learn and discover about myself and the world. I hope this little project doesn't come across as totally selfish. I guess it is, but I feel that trying to better oneself is a worthwhile endeavor, because it will then trickle down into us helping others (hopefully). Here's to enjoying being with yourself!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Day Job Hit The Violin Jackpot

Job came to visit last weekend and it was a fun filled 2 1/4 days. I'll share more of his trip later, but for now I wanted to get this little video and photos up of a special opportunity he had. He got to see and play on two Stradivarius violins, and a Guarneri. All from the 1700's, and all in gorgeous shape. It was an absolute dream come true to touch and play these incredible instruments, and to have the chance to play three in one afternoon was like heaven for him :)

It was so cool to see him enjoy the experience and connect with the history and stories behind these works of art. Each instrument has a name and pedigree, and these three had some really cool stories connected with them. Track Job down some time and ask him about it. I'd bet he wouldn't mind sharing ;)

Pssst, little video at the end if you want to hear Job playing on them a bit.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Listen, Watch, Read

I love other people's media recommendations, and I think it's interesting to look back and see what I enjoyed at a certain point in my life. So here are a few of the things I've been listening to, watching, and reading lately:

1. Chef Soundtrack. I love the eclectic mix of songs, and especially the Cuban beats.
2. Eat Pray Love. I'm just beginning this one. I love to do all three of these things, so I am surprised I haven't read this one before now.
3. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. This is a delightful little read. I think it's especially interesting considering the population I work around every day, but everyone can enjoy and learn from this tail told from the viewpoint of an intelligent and interesting young man.
4. Everything I Never Told You. It made me think. I liked it, and I didn't like it. But I enjoy having to consider a book, to see why I liked it, and why I didn't like other parts of it.
5. Maidentrip. Gotta love an awesome documentary like this. I love that it's mostly filmed by Laura, and that we get to hear her speak (and curse haha ;) in Dutch. Her personal growth on this incredible journey is lovely to watch, and her innate inner strength, is fascinating.
6. Mozart in the Jungle. Currently Obsessed. I feel like this show was made for me haha. Think about it- Sexy, passionate Mexican musician, tells about the lives and drama of members of a major orchestra, fantastic music, top notch cast, funny, etc... Those are all things I like and are pertinent to my life ;)  I can't give this a blanket recommend this to everyone because of the language and innuendos, but I will say that I thought it was pretty tame compared to some similar shows (if that sounds like I am making excuses, I am. But you've been warned on content. I still love it.)
7. Indie Folk. There's a broad genre recc for ya. I am talking specifically about the Indie Folk "channel" on Spotify, which I can put on at anytime and always love it. I can listen to this type of music longer than almost any other kind.
8. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Job and I have been making big strides towards getting rid of a lot, trying to live very simply, and "tidying up" our lives. I am hoping to get to a gentle form of minimalism (though that's not necessarily the lifestyle the author is touting, so this applies to everyone and not just weirdos like me ;). I learned some really good tips from this book, especially regarding how to store the few things we have.
9. Savior Redeemer of My Soul (Rob Gardner arrangement). This has been on repeat for a few weeks. It brings me peace, touches my heart, and centers me.

Kind of a weird mix of media, but that's me. I'll be starting a whole new group soon, and love recommendations. I keep a list on my phone of recommendations from people; from books, to restaurants, to trip locations. What have you been enjoying lately? I'll add ya to the list.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spring is nature’s way of saying, "Let’s party!" ~Robin Williams

Spring was a little late to the party here in Massachusetts, but it was worth the wait. Perhaps it is just from coming out of an Epic Winter, but this Spring seems extra idyllic. There have been stages as it's unfurled, and each stage has been enchanting.

The little bulbs that peek out are one of the most exciting things after a long Winter, and when those tulips and daffodils bloomed it was like the city was one big garden party.

Then the tree blooms. Oh the blooms! Popcorn popping, natural confetti petals sprinkling the sidewalks, bright pink, white, purple, and yellow trees! This was one of my favorite chapters of Spring. I stopped to photograph almost every tree I passed for a while, as if that could help them last longer. At least in my camera roll they will live on.

After that, the tiny fresh light green leaves on trees came out, and as they grew larger and darker green they created a canopy over the streets, lending a soft shade just begging to be walked under. I irrationally feel safe walking under these trees. They feel comforting, and welcoming.

But let's really talk about the scent of Spring. Every day as I walk to and from the bus I get heady with glee as I take huge inhales of the fresh air. It so perfumed with floral notes, and the soft wind only makes the scent stronger. I pass no fewer than 6 lilac bushes on my way home from work every day, and I stop to stick my nose in each and every one. And each and every one makes me smile, thank God for Spring, and love Massachusetts (and the earth in general) that much more. This state knows how to do seasons. It doesn't hold back. We get strong, bold seasons, and I adore it.

Spring still has lots of good life left in her that I am trying to savor and enjoy. Any favorite activities that are a "must" in Spring that I should add to my list?