Monday, July 20, 2015

Wake up call

Someday I will stop being surprised at his surprises, but for now I am loving them. Job told me he was coming in tonight, but actually showed up in my doorstep last night/this morning at 1am. I was awoken by the sound of "human of the year" from my cell phone, and was incredulous that it was morning time already. (My alarm also plays Regina Spektor, just a different song. I wasn't quite thinking straight that early). Well, that ringtone is only for my human of the year so once I realized that I answered and heard a, "can you come open the door for me?" :) Yeeeeessssss.

Turns out he was supposed to arrive around 9pm, but every flight Job gets on is delayed. He got to hang out on a beach in Miami for the day, so not too bad ;) He is here now, and we are ready to live it up like a married couple. Like, we still have to go to work. But the evenings and weekends are our for the taking, so we'll take them and run.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

June is the best month -Said everybody.

Because I don't want instagram to totally take over blogging, I'll just throw all my instragams on here! haha. Useful.

Naw, I'll at least write something.

June came and went, but was not without it's charms. It really is such a good month, with lots happening, great weather, the distinction of being halfway through the year, and birthdays galore (mine being the particular one I'm thinking about here.)

 My reward for running. And God promised I would never again have to run on the earth. (No He didn't).

 A few of us from church had another evening at the homeless shelter, cooking dinner for the residents, and having fun.

 I had my first taste of cookie butter. This is significant enough to document. 

I met a few friends for a swimming day. Walden pond never disappoints. It's like this magical haven where all worries disappear for a while.

 Cooking out with the boys got creative. No marshmallows, no problem.
 I grilled some pork one evening, picked some lettuce from the garden, cracked open the watermelon and shucked the corn, and then stood back and soaked up the summer-nes of it all.

 Gourmet night this month was atop a library roof where we could watch the sunset over Boston. The theme was picnic foods. It was one of my favorite evenings with this group, and I wouldn't mind having picnics like this every (warm) month. 

The Scopper bowl!!!! I finally made it! It surpassed my wildest dreams ;) It was so fun to go with Michelle and Sebastian. They are always up for a little adventure, foodie or otherwise.

 I have really nice friends that I don't deserve. They made me feel special on my 25th birthday. Thank you all!!

My birthday buddy Kelsey had her B-day, and Ryan threw a surprise party. Yay! It was so fun to shock her, and then celebrate what an awesome person she is. 

Emily also had a birthday shortly after mine. I'm so lucky to have her as a neighbor and friend.

Dad's birthday was the 13th. I still count his birthdays, even though he isn't getting any older in heaven ;) Just a great day to celebrate his life. 
And the sunset the night of my birthday was the best gift. Absolutely stunning.  

 A little trip to the Science museum with Joey was tons of fun. That kid makes all my days.

Job's whirlwind weekend visit

Job was able to fly up to visit the end of May, with the purpose of playing his violin for a big conference for our church, but reeeaaallly to see me you see. It was a quick 2 1/2 days, made even quicker by a much delayed flight out of Monterrey (boo). But each second we were able to spend together was worthwhile and much needed.

 Best view.
 Job brought me "a few" tortillas ;) Not complaining!
My bed is better with him in it.

I can't find the photo of Job at the conference...I'll keep looking and try to add it later.

Once he finally got here Friday night we got ourselves a hotel room a few miles out of town and just had a tiny stay-cation. Sometimes sleeping and eating somewhere different is all you need to mix things up. For dinner that night we drove into Boston to try The Elephant Walk restaurant, which is French and Cambodian and somewhere we've been wanting to try. I've heard good things about the one in Cambridge, but that one closed early, and we were burning the midnight oil. So we ended up at the one in the South End (which is my favorite Boston neighborhood, FYI to anyone who wants to buy me a brownstone down one of those tree lined streets). We had the place almost to ourselves, a nice waitress who left us just the right amount alone, and lots to catch up on. This made for a fantastic dinner date, despite some of the food being not completely up to par (maybe the Cambridge location is better?). I know I've said this before, but looking over at my extremely handsome date, and just talking about life, is one of my very favorite things to do. Throw in some food and I'm set. And I don't know if it's just me who finds this attractive, but Job is a sexy tipper when we go out for a nice meal. He left a generous tip for our waitress, and it just made me feel good as we left.

The next day we lounged a bit, Job practiced a bit (he did have to perform that evening after all), and I bossed him around and pretended to be his manager/teacher. I am particular when he plays one of my favorite songs ;) This was the day he got to play the amazing violins from the collector in the area. He was on cloud nine after that. I made Job dinner and we hung out the rest of the evening. We started Sound of Music which Job has never seen, but didn't get very far before falling asleep, so he owes me next time he comes out ;)

Sunday we had church in the morning and Job got to see some of our friends from the area. Then we headed back to the McQuiveys to make them dinner. The kids were sooo happy to see Job. I was old news, and they've always liked him better anyways ;) I get it, I like him too.

That evening we had the conference Job played at. It was a Latino conference with people from  all over the New England area, and a leader from our church, Elder Holland, came to speak at it. The conference was wonderful and uplifting, and Job played absolutely beautifully. Plus, since I was "with the band" and turned pages, I got a great seat next to Job up on the stand. Score.

Alas, Job left the next morning very early, but the few days we got were fantastic. It's what I needed to get me through the next 7 weeks before he comes again.

And those 7 weeks are up-he comes in tomorrow evening! This time for a longer visit. I love that guy. This time I'll try to write about the visit before the next visit happens. Instagram has thrown off my blogging game.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


As I mentioned here, I want to try a few things solo while Job and I are apart. I could always do these things with friends, and I really love my friends, but I think it's good to learn how to enjoy being with yourself sometimes. I might not get to all of these, but here are some ideas:

I'll try and report if I end up doing any of these. I am excited about the prospect. It will be interesting to see whether I am uncomfortable with any of these situations, or if I have grown and experienced enough lately to feel fine about them. Either way, I always have more to learn and discover about myself and the world. I hope this little project doesn't come across as totally selfish. I guess it is, but I feel that trying to better oneself is a worthwhile endeavor, because it will then trickle down into us helping others (hopefully). Here's to enjoying being with yourself!