Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pros and cons

Things I like about Salt Lake City so far:

-The little gems we have been able to find here and there. Locally owned shops, fun restaurants, quaint neighborhoods. Finding these have helped me feel at home.
-The hiking culture. It’s totally a thing. I need to break into it more. Who’s up for a hike?
-The numbered, straight streets- I am THEE most directionally challenged individual, so this has helped immensely. I still get a bit lost, but it’s not nearly as bad, or as often.
-Music. I love that it is supported and encouraged here! It’s obviously a big part of our lives, and living in a music friendly city is always a must.
-How much Job loves his job. That makes me happy, and thus, like Salt Lake.

Things I am still getting used to:

-It’s not Boston. I know, I know. I can’t help it.
-Some…interesting…cultural things/judgements from both “sides of the fence”. I’ll just leave it at that.
-Public transport is not quite as accessible (or as affordable) as some cities, though I do appreciate that they have the trax/frontrunner, and use it every day.
-I haven’t been able to find a website that tells me about good events before they are happening. I always seem to just hear about them after the fact, which doesn’t help. Any hints from locals on good websites/instagrams/facebook pages with fun things to do around the area (not necessarily kid friendly)? I had my “go to” sites in Boston, and felt well informed, but am kind of lost here as far as that goes.

We found a touch of home in SLC one of the first nights we wandered around ;) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Summer 2016

I guess it’s Autumn now? Or so has every store said for the past few weeks. I however, feel perfectly content waiting until the official first day of Autumn-tomorrow! I love each season, and Fall is especially magical. I might even be apt to say my favorite season (So says every young women my age. #scarves). But I love to soak up each season equally, so am not in a rush to move on the next one until it is properly due. (Winter is a different story when it is PAST it's time. A whole different thing ;). So on this last day of summer, let us reminisce about Summer 2016. 

Ours has flown by in somewhat of a daze. But looking through photos today I realized we did have a grand time, and soaked in some of our new surroundings. We moved into our little apartment in SLC in June, and both jumped into our jobs full force. In between working we redboxed (real life here), hiked a touch, tried a few restaurants, spent time with a few friends, spent lots of time with family, and took evening walks together. It’s been a simple existence (at least for me-Job is juggling a lot, so his day to day is a bit more “happening” than mine at the mo’). Simple has been good for me right now. Simple (healthy) cooking, simple evenings (for the most part), simple in our belongings, simple, quiet time to meditate and do yoga.  I think life will pick up as I get to know the area and people, and I might get back into my routine of seeing and doing everything I can, but I am going to try and keep the simple moments in life as well.

Summer 2016:

There are like, 68 pics. I'm sorry. But hey, this is way less than it could have been-we took it easy this summer ;)