Saturday, August 2, 2014

G.P.D. Graduation, in the bag

Another 2 years, another degree. Job received his Graduate Performance Diploma from The Boston Conservatory this May and I couldn't be more proud :) Lots of hard work, lots of late nights, lots and lots of practicing, and lots of Woody's pizza and wings. We did it.
 On our way!

 ^That's right, that's Job Salazar Fonseca's name up there. ^

 Happy, happy!
 Happy, happy, happy! ;)
 Job's wonderful teacher these past 4 years.
Yummy dinner in the North End after graduation.

All we need is love. 
But we are also really grateful for the educations we have :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Job's Final Graduate Recital

This guy did it! Rocked his final G.P.D. recital and graduated like a boss from The Boston Conservatory. Awwww yeeeeaaahhh!! Congratulations Job, it's been a long, wonderful, tough, fun road. I am one proud wife.
Job played an all Spanish music program which was awesome. Very lively and exciting to listen to. He worked so hard to prepare, and it showed. Nailed it! ;)

The gang's all here! (minus Oscar, he tends to wander off.... ;)

Not pictured, Job's family worked really hard to make a whole delicious spread for a reception afterwards. We are talking flaky baked empanadas for days! But they didn't last for days because they were so good.
Doing his thing. 
(Thanks Emerald for the pic. And for coming :))


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why F-eye

When you have a long train ride you get creative in entertaining yourself. I like to see what random wifi names I can pick up.

This is a cool general one for Boston:
  • Wicked free wifi

There are those who like to go for classic female recording artists:
  • Jlo
  • Adele

I imagine a strait laced dude correctly labeling his: 
  • Richard's WIFi Network
Proper punctuation and everything

Then there are the creative souls:

  • Buttlickingcrackwhores
  • Darthdoodie 
  • Love shack 
  • Feetofclaypottery1

These people have been burned by pilfering neighbors in the past:
  • Notouch

No one is remembering this one:
  • Mg hsshfbyaq_7844_ambwylpfA

And an inspiring message every time you connect:
  • YOR worth it!
^^^^Thank you! ^^^^

Saturday, June 14, 2014

You guys, we moved last week.

Why the sudden need to document our lovely little home and neighborhood? Because we moved from said place last Friday.

Job and I had a great opportunity come to help out a family with household duties in exchange for free rent/utilities/perks. It was a quick, short-ish notice thing, and we just went for it. We already were considering moving closer to my work, and this is just a few miles away so it was perfect. It is in a beautiful area of Cambridge, really close to the Charles River, a jog away from a beautiful pond, next to a huge, historical cemetery, a short walk to Harvard square (i.e. good food ;), close to small local shops, etc...

So now is the task of setting up this new place, and then documenting it for our journal. It will be a substantial change for us since this place is a small studio (an apartment above the garage, part of a big, gorgeous old home where the family lives, but with a separate entrance). Coming from a roomy 2 bedroom with a large amount of storage space, to a small studio will be an adjustment, but we are both excited for the challenge. There are trade-offs to every situation. But so far I am really liking what we have here. We have already noticed that we are more active here, and are enjoying exploring the absolutely beautiful neighborhood. And getting rid of about 75% of our "stuff" was liberating in a way.

Slightly off topic but I want to hear what you think: Since we were married Job and I have enjoyed discussions about whether to live in a really nice neighborhood with a smaller home, or a less nice/less upscale (but still safe and great :) neighborhood with a bigger or better home. What do you prefer? We have enjoyed seeing the perks of both!

Anyways, we really love East Boston and will always have great memories from living there. Now we just get to make great memories here in Cambridge as well! New adventures, here we come!

P.S. this is the 3rd place we have lived in Boston in 4 years. With this record we might make it to all the neighborhoods of Boston before long ;)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Everything's good in the 'hood

We love our home, and we also love our neighborhood. Let's take a little walk, shall we?

Job and I wandered around taking a few pictures of our neighborhood one night for date night, just reminiscing about good times, and appreciating what we've got. This is just our immediate little neighborhood. There is a lot more of East Boston as you venture further but this is what we see every day :)

 Our little local beach. It is nice to have some sand and water within a short walk.
 This church plays beautiful bells every so often. It is right behind our house so we can hear them when we open the windows.
 Gotta include the cleaners down the street :)
 This corner store saved us countless times, especially after we sold our car and at times when life was jammed full. We have gotten to know the owners and it is fun to go in and discover new things.
 Butcher and another corner store we like. I am telling you, convenience is one of the great things about our neighborhood.
 Like this T-stop, just a block away from our apartment. Perfect for us public transporters.
 The old local library branch. I loved the ladies in there and they knew me when I came in too. Sadly this building closed late last year, but the new library is absolutely lovely as well. It's not as close and not as familiar, but it does the job ;)
I love the modern architecture and design.
 Colombian restaurant down the street. Our guests would frequent this place when they were in town. Yummy food in a nice atmosphere.
Royal Roast Beef and Seafood for all our quick, inexpensive, and greasy meal needs. It is right next to a little shop with some of the creamiest ice cream I've had the pleasure of enjoying. Two minute walk from our place, but don't worry, we ration it out ;)

 Right up the street from us there is a big flight of stairs that leads you to this Madonna shrine. You can also get great views of Boston from up there.

One of my favorite parts of our neighborhood is Breman Street Park. It has playgrounds, community gardens, bike and walking paths, the library is at one end, beautiful landscaping, and lovely views of downtown. 

And that my friends is just a little taste of where we live and love. Kind people, convenient location, some good community programs and resources, and Job. It's all I need.

Most pictures taken by us, but a few by wikipedia and, and as marked.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jiggity jig

After Job and I sold our car and decided to become public transportation nuts, my commute changed a tad. It went from being a 30 minute car ride, to an 1 1/2-2 hour train/bus/walk each way. It was an adjustment, but I have gotten used to the change and have settled into the routine. Having ample amounts of podcasts, ted talks, books, music, etc... on my i-pad has certainly helped ;)

Here's my little commute schedule, complete with random pictures I took to entertain myself on various days. This will not make sense to most people, but I want to be able to show my kids one day that their mum trudged to and fro work in the snowstorms of New England ;)

  • Catch 5:32am Blue line Train to State Street
  • Either a) walk to Park Street, or b) catch the orange line train to Downtown crossing and walk the concourse to Park.
  • Catch the 6:00am Green line-D train to Newton Highlands
  • Wait for the 59 Bus
  • Take 59 to stop
  • Walk 10 minutes to destination.
  • Arrive 6:52, an acceptable 8 minutes before work shift starts. 

Going home is basically reversed, but with a definite outside walk from Park to State street, and more waiting due to silly bus schedules, so turns into about 2 hours. 

I guess that's that. It really is not so bad, but it does turn my 9 hour work day into a longer ordeal. It just means I have to organize my life a little differently, and some things I was able to do before have to be set aside for now. However it also means I have time to read my scriptures on the train, I feel good about being more eco-friendly, Job and I can take the train together for part of the way, and I have some "alone" time to think (with hundreds of other people ;) each day. Plus I get to see more of the city I love as I walk around more.

 Walking through Downtown Crossing. I love how busy and bustling it gets.
 I get to walk by the Common everyday which is so nice
 Yes I do

I have to do something to entertain myself while waiting for the bus

 I spy the 59 bus
 This is early
Our T-Stop

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mexico Vs. Portugal Pre-World Cup Game

As soon as he found out the Mexican National team was coming to Gillette Stadium, Job knew we had to go. I told him we couldn't go/too busy/too expensive etc... so I could surprise him for a graduation gift ;) I think it wasn't must of a surprise though; he knew I wouldn't let him miss this chance.
We went with our great friends the Warrens, and had such a blast. Mexico played a fantastic game and it was exciting the whole time.We are all so excited for the world cup to start next week.
Perfect weather, perfect sport, perfect company. That's a good Friday night in my book.

 He went between giddy and singing, and intensely into the game ;)