Saturday, September 20, 2014

Baby Got Bach

Recently Job was telling me about a Bach piece he is learning, so of course I replied with, "Nice. Baby got Bach!"
He smiled politely but it wasn't until I serenaded him youtube style, ipad waving in the air, that he admitted he didn't know the song. (!!)

Cue Monday night dance party at the Salazars.

Some of our other favorite dance tunes:

-The Lombada ("that's the forbidden dance!")
-Give up the Funk, Parliament
-Anything by Celia Cruz  
-Rehab, Amy Winehouse
-Stayin' Alive, Bee Gees
-Take on me, A-ha
-Bailar Contigo, Carlos Vives
-Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake
-Twist and Shout, The Beatles
-Asereje (The Ketchup Song), Las Ketchup
-Bailar Contigo, Carlos Vives
-Rock DJ, Robbie Williams
-Boomtastic, Shaggy
-ABC, Jackson 5
-The Pandora Station "Dance Cardio"

And for a cool down,
-Bachata en Fukuoka, Juan Luis Guerra
-Cuando me Enamoro, Enrique Iglesias and Juan Luis Guerra

(disclaimer-I can't vouch for all the music videos. We just throw this stuff up on spotify and dance away :)

Hey, hey my boyfriend's back

Job and I didn't cross paths from when I got back from Korea and he left for Utah. So it has been way too long, but we are reunited again! Life is good.

A few of my favorite moments from tonight:

  • Job wandering around the apartment for a while, then suddenly looking down and exclaiming, "Where did my pants go?! Did you take them off?" (He was really wondering. No, I didn't ;)
  • Job sharing his latest playlist, which included some Hanson. Oh yeah people, mmmbob time.
  • Job busted out a brand new dance move, I busted out some classics. My robot needs work.
  • Present time! Job got to open the gifts I got him from Korea. He proclaimed we are eating everything with our new chopsticks now.
  • 11pm pancakes. (We already forgot to use the chopsticks, dang).

 Selfies and a gratuitous bum shot.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

There's always room at our place

More visitors, hurray! We had family come end of June-July to site see and celebrate the 4th. We had moved into our studio by then soooo... air beds all around! It was a fun site to see, and I am glad everyone was easy going and flexible. We had: Job and I, mum, Cassie, Melia and Eliza. It was the last time to see Mel before her mission so I am very glad she came out.

We had a blast exploring and spending time together. This was Cassie's first time to Boston so we really tried to show her the city in all it's glory. I think she likes it :) She also was the best sport to walk and ride the T everywhere being 7 months pregnant. We also were able to use a friend's car in July, and rented a car one day to explore Vermont, so we didn't totally kill our guests with walking ;)

Now pictures right?

Beach day. It was windy and a minor sandstorm started to pelt our bare skin like millions of tiny bbs, but we toughed it out like women from the Sahara and it was fun ;)

We walked along the minute man trail one day which was really fun. I had never done it, and now I want to take Job back. It was really interesting to learn more about all the history of this part of the world, and imagine what happened back then which helped shape what happens today.

These little houses are no prob for Cassie ;)

The Old North Bridge
Job had a concert out in Central Mass that we were able to attend. It was a beautiful venue, and a very enjoyable evening of music.
The man of the hour (at least to us ;)

I am so glad the fam was able to come over 4th of July; Boston does this holiday right. They were good sports to wait in the hot sun for a spot by the shell.
The wait turned out to be worth it because we had great seats :)
We look all...glowy in this picture haha. No weird touch ups here, promise. I am so glad she came out for this trip. We miss her already.

Sing your hearts out Beach Boys!

I tried to cross something off our BBB but they canceled the reading of the declaration due to the threat of rain...which never came :( boo, I was so excited for it too.
Ahh well, Woody's did help ease the pain a bit.
A jaunt to Vermont.

Vermont knows it's dairy products.

 Staking out a homestead for us. ;)

Roadside food joint. Ended up being one of everyone's favorite :)
 Blue Ribbon BBQ=some of the best in the area.

 Of course the world cup was on while they were there. Luckily they are big football fans too.

Thank you mum, Cassie, Mel and Liza for coming to visit us!! We loved having you here.