Our Boston Bucket List

Welcome to our bucket list. These are just a few of the things we want to do in our first few years of marriage and while we are in Boston. It is ever growing and we are always trying to cross things off the list. It is a fun way to challenge ourselves to get out, have some fun, and do things we have always wanted to! :)

Life and Education
Receive Masters Degree (Job) Yeah baby!
Receive GPD (post-grad music degree) (Job)
Get an enjoyable job (Rachael)  It was just a temporary job as a camp nurse but I really liked it so it totally counts :) Update: I just started a new job that is not temporary and I like it. So, yay! :)
Make a baby (Give us a few more years for that one ;)
Pay off student loans fast! (4-5 years)

Go to North End for Italian food
Make fondue at home
Have a quaint tea party at one of the swanky hotels in Boston
Participate in (i.e. eat at) Restaurant week Boston
Have a picnic in the Boston Common
Go to the Scooper Bowl! (ice cream social, charity event, unofficial start of summer for Boston)

Go to Maine
Have dinner with friends in Providence, RI
Niagara Falls trip
Go to Joseph Smith Birthplace
Take a summer trip to Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod, eat lobster rolls
Take bus to New York
       -Macy's Day Parade 
        -Broadway show
        -Day of site seeing
Trip to Philadelphia (iiin, West Philadelphia, born and raised...)
Go to Mexico to visit family, see sites, and lay on the beach
See all the sites in D.C.
Plum Island
Go to Tijuana Temple dedication
Weekend in Montreal

Arts and Culture:
Go to the Boston Ballet
Attend first night Boston
Listen to Declaration of Independence read from the balcony at Old State House
Walk Freedom Trail--Rachael, Job
See a concert at Tanglewood
See the BSO perform (many, many times. Amazing :)
See the Boston Pops perform-(many, many times over)-Awesome!
Become moderately fluent in Spanish (Rachael)
Go on Duck Tours
Tour Harvard
Science Museum
Museum of Fine Arts
Tour Quincy, MA
Participate in all the Patriot's day festivities (Boston Marathon and Paul Revere reenactment) We picked the Battle of Lexington Reenactment this year-2011-for our revolutionary war/Paul Revere activity :) and the marathon was awesome!!

Sports and Outdoors:
See a Red Sox game at Fenway Park
Bruins game
See a home Celtics game
Camp in New Hampshire  Sooo fun and beautiful!!
Go snowshoeing
Play basketball in the park
Fly a kite at castle island. Sort of did this ;) We should try again
Have a picnic while watching the big crew competition in Oct.
Go sailing on the Charles River
Go on a whale watching cruise from Boston Harbor
Paddle around the Public Garden Lagoon on Swan Boats
Visit Mount Auburn Cemetery in the Spring to see the popcorn popping (spring blooms :)

Crafts and Home Projects
Refinish/paint a piece of wood furniture
Buy/acquire a good bed
Finish our 1st year scrapbook
Reconstruct and cute-ify a previously ugly thrift store dress (Rachael)
Get a sewing machine and learn to sew (Rachael)
Host a party at our apartment
Grow a potted garden on balcony-Herbs! :)

Run a 5k together
Go 2 months without soda (Job)
Eat vegetarian for a month
Try a new vegetable from Russos or Haymarket-Baby Bok Choy
Try a new fruit from Russos or Haymarket
       -Rachael-Plantains, yum!!
Take a yoga class-Check for Job

Gettin' a little crazee
Go skinny dipping
Do the powdered sugar/fire/exploding trick in our kitchen (with extinguisher handy)
Go Latin dancing at a sexy club

Have we done any good in the world today?
Pay for someone's toll behind us
Do the 12 days of Christmas to someone(s) in our community/ward
Volunteer at a homeless shelter

Games and other such fun
Complete a 750-1000 piece puzzle together
Read all of the Harry Potter Books (Job)
Go stargazing at the Gilliland Observatory 
Get family pictures taken
Learn how to play chess (Rachael)

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