Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer is Finally Here!

Today was the first real day of summer in Rexburg (according to me ;) It was so warm and beautiful, the whole town was outside. It is also Job and I's 6 month anniversary so we could not have asked for a better day. First we slept in to an unearthly hour. Then we woke up and leisurely drove around Rexburg for a little while enjoying the sun and checking places out. The park was packed, people were washing their cars, grilling every way you turned. This is what I am talking about! ;)
We then continued with our day date by washing our car inside and out. I have such fun at the car wash and our car was in desperate need of it. Then we went to go get a summer tradition-an ice cone. The summer kick-off flavor was mango, mmmmm! :)
After that I wanted to do a project so we went to DI (a thrift store here) and looked around for something to spruce up. It was fun to wander but we eventually decided that we didn't want to buy more furniture just to turn around and give it back when we move in a few months. So we headed to Walmart for a few things (band aids-Job cut his finger while we were working on our car :( ) and then Job surprised me with a drive to a little Mexican restaurant a few miles outside of Rexburg. It was super yummy! We love to eat and even though we also love to cook it is nice to leave that to someone else once-in-a-while :)
Job had to go to work today so we headed back home to relax and clean up before he had to leave. It was such a fun and relaxing day together!
I am loving this whole summer thing!! ;)

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