Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Love

June 23 was my birthday and as always, I knew I could count on Job to make it special :) It started at 12:01 am on the 23 with an old Mexican tradition that I had previously told him I loved. He came to me and serenaded me with a beautiful Mexican birthday song that men sing to their lovers at 12 the day of their birthday :) *sigh* loved it! :)
We then went right ahead into a little partay with gifts because we both had to work the next day. Job reads my mind I swear. He got me things I had been wanting but hadn't even told him. (Well, I told him about the camera, I was dying for one ;)

I love everything! I have used everything already and they are great :) My honey is so good to me :)

The next day for the first time I skipped a college class (yes you heard that right. I'm lame/dedicated haha ;) and Job took me to breakfast before he had to go to work.

This is his "I have something fun planned for us" face :)

Mmm, mmm good :)

Tired but happy! :D

I love my honey and he made me feel special during my birthday :)

Later that evening I went to work (before Job got back from work-bummer) and my friend surprised me with cupcakes at about 12pm. So sweet! :) So from 12 to 12 that day I got fun birthday wishes :)

What a good day :)

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