Saturday, August 7, 2010

Promises, Promises

Well I am behind. I blame it on the fact that Job has the mac with all of our pictures ;) I like to have pictures when I do blogs so when Jobito comes back I will do a big catch-up before we move :)

I guess I can do a basic up-date sans pictures this time:

Job is in Vancouver, Canada for a Baroque Music Festival. He calls me each night and it sounds like he is loving it. It is very intense, lots of music to learn and long hours but he loves playing so he is having a great time. I decided I need to go with him next time! He has his own room right on campus and they feed him sushi, Peruvian food etc... for meals, and each day they take a break for "tea time" :) He says they bring the tea, pastries, really nice cheeses etc... and enjoy the break. I loved that about living in England too and I think Job and I will start that in our own home! (with healthy, non-caffeinated beverages ;)
I am missing him a lot but am excited that he got in to this program because it is a great opportunity to play with excellent musicians from all over the world. I am pretty darn proud of him and all the hard work he does so he can provide for our family :)

We packed and cleaned our apartment the beginning of this month and Job left so I decided that I would spend time with my family in Provo rather than be all alone in an empty apartment in Rexburg :) So I am enjoying having a break from school and work and just chillin'.

Job and I are getting excited for our move (and I am also getting a teeny bit nervous... :). I can't believe it is coming up so soon. Just a few weeks and we are going to be in the big city.

More (past) updates on the Salazar family once I get those pictures! ;)

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