Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap

Easter is such a beautiful holiday! With Spring in full force the weather was just perfect for the reason for the holiday-Christ and his Atonement and Resurrection for each of us. Job and I really tried to focus on Him this year and as such we had a wonderful Easter weekend. We did sneak some worldly fun in there as well ;) I wanted to start a few traditions with our little family of two.

Good Friday we went to see the BSO and Tanglewood choir perform Bach's Saint John Passion which is a piece about the crucifixion of Christ. It is traditionally performed on Good Friday so it was the perfect day to go. It was a beautiful concert! It made me so grateful for what Christ did for me, and excited to celebrate his resurrection on Sunday.

Saturday I went to the temple while Job did some school duties. After that we met up to take a friend out to the Natick mall and surrounding stores. We definitely stopped to eat Five Guys before shopping. Couldn't resist ;) Of course it was several dollars more expensive than it is in UT/ID, and no free fries, but I think I am getting used to the whole everything-is-more-expensive-here thing. It's life. And this place is so great that other things make up for it ;)

 When we got home I went into Easter bunny mode. I would have liked to do our secular celebrations (eggs, bunnies, chocolate etc.) on Saturday so as to not take away from Sunday's celebrations, but I was not organized enough to get things ready on Friday. So I dyed eggs and made our Easter baskets Saturday night. We hid each others so we could both have some fun in the morning.

Sunday morning we turned on Music and the Spoken Word (mormon tabernacle choir performance) and some Mormon Messages to help bring the spirit. We also searched for and found our little easter baskets, and I took my eggs out of their onion skin dye (yum! ;).

Church was excellent. I always feel so refreshed after attending church! Which is quite amazing considering it is usually a 4-5 hours block for us with meetings, choir practice, church classes etc. But I really do come home feeling so good each week. Job played his violin along with a mens quartet and a cello. They performed "This is the Christ" and it turned out really well.

Job made fish tacos and spinach soup for dinner, and then I made some strawberry shortcake for desert. Que rico!! (Dear posterity, What we ate for dinner is very important information to us. Just in case you couldn't already tell)

I now interrupt this normal programming to bombard you with a mass of pictures:
At the Symphony. Hello random head.

My onion skin dye. Appetizing, I know.

I made some little treats for a few friends. Little rice crispy treat "nests" with M&M "eggs". I also included a quote and scripture about Easter. Pretty cute if I do say so ;)

I like how these turned out. Soft and natural. I want to try more natural dyes next year.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


  1. OOhh I want to learn how to do that's way cuter than the bright kind. It looks very Martha-esq.

  2. Don't even worry that Kyle and I just discovered Five Guys on route 9 and have gone 3 times in the last month.

    You are a cute wife that does cute things. I need to take notes cause I am not doin so hot.

  3. no free fries????? what a rip off. how did you do that dye? Tell us!