Monday, April 25, 2011

I can be crafty. If it try reeaallly hard!! :)

The other night we had a Relief Society activity where a lady from the ward came and taught us how to make different fabric flowers. Mine were less than anthropologie worthy, but turned out ok and I will sure as shootin' wear them proudly ;)
After that evening I came home with some extra scraps and looked up a new way to do flowers. Here is what I came up with to add some color to my Easter outfit:

While I was attempting to artfully capture my beautiful bloom Job looked over and confusedly asked me:
Why are you taking pictures of your boob?
Go figure that is what he notices and not the cute flower I slaved away to make ;)


  1. ahahahaha um yeah I was trying to take a picture of my shirt and Dave found it on the camera and asked me the same thing! And your flower is so cute!

  2. LOVE the yellow flower and yellow necklace. You're craftiness is impressive.

  3. Bahahahaaaaa...silly Job :) Hubbies are so one-track minded.

  4. Being crafty is awesome and that you are! Very cute and I love the yellow!

    Liesl :)