Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patriot's Day! Part 1

I have never really appreciated Patriot's Day until this year. Boston has a whole slew of fun activities and events to enjoy :) A lot of people get the day off, including Job's school (yay!), so everyone was out enjoying the gorgeous Spring day.
We had to take our friend Spencer back to the airport that morning to catch a 6am flight so we were up at 3:50am to start our day. After we dropped Spency off we headed to Lexington, MA for a reenactment of the Battle of Lexington. Quick history lesson: It was the start of the revolutionary war, the first battle. And it happened after the famous Paul Revere and William Dawes midnight ride warning everyone that "the regulars are coming out!" (everyone was still British then remember? But the Redcoats/Regulars were the "badguys") . The reenactment was at 6am at the battle green in Lexington. It was so cool to be there where this huge part of history happened! The old tavern still stands across the street, and there is a cool minuteman statue at the corner of the green.
Job and I were not well prepared for the chilly morning, but we huddled with the crowd of people so it wasn't too bad :) I also realized that the batteries on our camera were dead once we got there. Gahh I was kicking myself. But luckily a little trick I use worked for a few quickly snapped pics. (Take out the batteries, switch places, put them back in, wait a few minutes, quickly take a pic, repeat :)
So here are a few we managed to get with our dying camera.
very hard to get a pic in the dark with a dying camera ;)

The sun rose as the battle commenced and it really was a gorgeous day! We are so glad we just went for it and decided to go even though we were dead tired. Totally worth it! :) After the battle we did go home and sleep for a couple of hours, building up energy for the next part of our day, the Boston Marathon! Yup, we built up energy to sit on the side lines and eat snacks as we watched other people run their hearts out ;) Another long winded post with a ton of pictures soon to come!

P.S. This was on our Bucket List! So we crossed that one off the list :) Though I think it will become a yearly tradition while we are here in Boston.

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