Monday, June 13, 2011

June is bustin' out all over!

June being the glorious month of my birth I thought it only appropriate to be selfish and  post a birthday wish list here. (I actually have told Job no presents this year. I have something else in mind that I am excited about.... :)

But I figured sharing some things I have had my eye on would be fun anyways. Perhaps just looking at the pictures will calm my urge to run out and buy them right now.

Boston Ork Poster

Le Mode Messenger Bag

Carlos Santana Boots

These boots are impossible to find anymore sadly. I had to search hard for a good pic and finally found one on this momma's blog

  A poof (or 3) from Etsy
Orrrr....This one from Urban Outfitters 

 Vintage Inspired Popina Swim Suit
 Even though there is no possible way i could fill that baby out ;)

A little etsy ampersand love for an art project I have in mind
UO book. Because we love food in this house thank you very much

ANYways, just some fun stuff I have been eying lately :) I'd better stop here though because the whole "just look to calm the shopping urge" isn't exactly working.... ;)

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  1. Umm...I think I love them all. AND I think I need you to come decorate my apartment. AND I want to hear your big news and something that you are excited about that is causing you to not ask for any birthday presents this year....SPILL!!