Friday, August 19, 2011


To the couple across from us on the T---full out nuzzling, complete with eyes closed and dramatic slow-mo attacking of the ear and neck is usually always a social "no-no". Job and I would have gone for it and tried to out-PDA you but alas, we value our dignity. 

To Rino's waitresses---Ever heard of a chill pill? Attacking everyone at a large table of costumers and then backpeddling and trying to be all chipper near the end of the meal to land a bigger tip doesn't fly with me. 15% for you, and no returns to the restaurant. Bummer for Rino.

To Rino---Your Italian food is deeeelish! My tummy thanks you. P.S. See above memo to your waitresses and hire some new ones.
Half of the group at dinner last night. A group of couples who live in East Boston. We call ourselves the Easties. O.k., I call us the Easties.
To Jessica---You are such a good sharer! :) Lots of points for you.

To Five Guys---We obviously like you a small amount. Please do not tempt us more than 3 times a year. Or something like that.
We had to take our little foreign exchange student/nephew Oscar out for an American hamburger. Right?! Right.
 To Oscar---I do declare we miss you mijo. Thanks for spending the summer with us.
Tanglewood concert


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