Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The tooth fairy's a cheapo

Oscar lost a tooth a few days ago. I asked him what he does with a tooth in Mexico and he told me about the tooth mouse who comes and gets his tooth from under his pillow. Cute!
Then I asked him how much money the tooth mouse usually leaves. He said it depended on how clean his tooth was. Cute!
Then I asked him to give me a range. "About $15-$20" was the answer. Whoa, not so cute!
The tooth mouse is more generous than the tooth fairy I guess.
Then I told him about our tradition of the tooth fairy and how my family left their teeth in a glass of water in the kitchen for the fairy to come collect instead of under their pillow. I also warned him that the tooth fairy does not usually leave 20 bucks for a tooth, clean or not. Just to mentally prepare him you know.
So the tooth fairy came and went that night, leaving a crisp $1 bill, which I remember as being very exciting when I was young. I recall a range of around 50 cents-$2 for teeth in our house growing up.
As Oscar came into the kitchen the next day he noticed some green in the glass, let out a half-hearted "oh", and tried to be excited as he collected and went to put the money in his wallet. I guess if you are used to getting 20 bones for your tooth 1 dollar isn't that awesome.
I'd better start our kids off with 10 cents a tooth, so when we get to the $1 bills they will think they are hitting the jackpot!

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  1. HAHHA! That is so funny! ps, I don't ever remember getting 2 bucks for a tooth! Mum and Dad must have gotten more generous with the younger kids :) I do remember the water thing (which is a great idea) cause there is no way I am going to try to pull teeth out from under a pillow when I have kids. I bet when Oscar is broke and in school a dollar will seem like a whole lot more. You can buy a ton of ramen with a buck :)