Friday, September 23, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame!

We finally, finally (a little dramatic?) made it to a Red Sox game! I am telling you, watching sports live is the way to go. Not gonna lie, sports kind of drag when I am watching them on t.v., but not live! It flies by and is tons of fun! I get way into it :)
Our lovely friends the Willeys went with us on our little adventure (recognize them from being all over our blog? That's 'cause they're our people...yo) and it was super fun to have them come along.

During the game we cheered, we ate the best hot dogs ever (not overly dramatic.), we switched spots to make it girls against boys to see who could have the most fun (girls), we ate enough candy to make Dylan proud, McKay and I blew our noses 2,000 times due to allergies/colds, the Willeys bought a sa-weet hat, the Res Sox lost against the Orioles (4-6, sad), and we had a blast!

Commence to the pictures!


+ Something to check off our BBL :)

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