Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why yes Boston, we will partake in your many fun activities.

Saturday, Saturday, gettin' up on Saturday! (to be sung to that horrid tune we all know too well. No just kidding, don't sing it).

Saturday called us. We answered.

Let's start off with free crepes shall we? See that up there? It says Free Crepe Day. 
O.k., we'll bite (pun intended ;)
Nutella and banana for him, rosemary, ham, and swiss for me.  
Très bien.

  On our way to the next activity we came across a Honduras festival while walking around. Great music and fun dancers! I love just happening upon this kind of thing :)

Next stop the Boston Arts (ahts ;) festival. Listening to poets while lounging in the shade, hearing great musical groups perform, wandering the many artist's and crafts people's booths, and enjoying the fabulous weather.

Last stop, Quincey Market for some {more} sustenance. I can't believe we have never actually stepped inside this building. We have passed it so many times. It was built in the 1800's and has historic significance as a marketplace. It is extrememly long and lined with every kind of food shop you could want. We grabbed some noodles and sat outside to people-watch while munching away.

After the day's fun I had to head off to work an evening shift, but it sure helped to have a full day of fun behind me to give some energy to work extra hard.

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