Sunday, October 30, 2011


I am going to be a chubster of a pregnant woman.*

I've come to realize this as I have looked at countless of my friends who at 25 weeks pregnant still just look like I do after a regular small feast**. I am anticipating nicknames such as "Rachael the Whale" (doesn't have a ring to it) or Roli Poli Rach (better) or even "that's what she gets for never exercising and thinking her metabolism will last forever, ha, serves her right!" (again, not likely to catch, but one must anticipate anything).

However as I looked at my friends perfect teeny baby the other day I realized, those sweet things are SO worth a little extra chub :)

*Not an announcement, just an observation. And I can't help all the pregnancy/babies observations. most MANY of my friends are pregnant/just had babies right now so it's what I see on a frequent basis. And I love it. 
**Common in our home

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