Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well hello again. I've got a list of things to catch up on so I'll just go ahead and start with this little gem:

Our day trip to Maine!

I had the day off work on Columbus Day and Job didn't have classes until the evening so we decided to head of to beautiful Maine to enjoy a little getaway. Neither of us had been to Maine and we just loved it. The weather was perfect, the Fall leaves looked amazing, and we did some really fun things. (yes I know, lots of pictures! And this was me editing down! ;)

We drove to Portland Maine first and wandered around a little craft market which was fun. It gave me inspiration on some Christmas gifts I want to make! We also met and chatted with this guy for a little while. He was a hardcore fisher/crab/lobster man and was lots of fun to talk to :)

After that we hopped on a ferry to Peaks Island. The ferry over was really fun, we passed some private islands with our future vacation home ;), saw a seal and lots of cool birds, and enjoyed the breeze.

Once we got to Peaks island (it is adorable!!) we rented a couple of bikes to do a bike ride all around the island (about 4 miles).
(*side story: we first were going to rent a tandem, and the guy said "do you want to try that first?" so we did, and then we decided to get separate bikes ;) haha but it was fun to try tandem for a while. I just have no coordination with it.)
This was my favorite part of the whole day. It was picturesque, the bike riding was so energizing and fun, and it was an awesome way to see this little island.
At one end of the island there was a little stand set up with this honey. How cute and trusting is that! We got a little bottle and I love it :)

After our ride around the island we wandered around on foot for a few minutes, went in some shops, and then took the ferry back to Portland. Then we headed down to Cape Elizabeth for a Lobster Shack meal (long line, awesome views, pretty good food), saw some lighthouses- including the famous one that you always see on things, called Portland Head (it is the oldest in ME too).

After Cape Elizabeth we started our little journey home so Job could catch his evening class. On the way home we got stuck in traffic because R.I.P.D. was being filmed on the highway that day (sheesh Ryan Reynolds, you made Job late for class ;)

It was such a wonderfully refreshing day trip. I can't wait to take visitors up there some time. Oh Maine, we shall be back again!

Oh I can't help it. I'm putting more on just for our personal enjoyment ;)

Another item off of our Boston Bucket List :) Yay, we are making good progress ;)


  1. I have a picture I took of that same lighthouse in our bathroom! I loved Maine too-what a beautiful state to visit!

  2. Oh my goodness these pictures are gorgeous!!!!

  3. Ahhhh...I just fainted. And when can I come visit you so that we can go back together???

  4. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Maine! Oh my goodness is it lovely or what. I am so jealous! You guys inspire us to go on's so easy to just do the normal daily things and never go on any adventures but you are so good at it.