Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time for Rachael's Roundup

Weekend round-up that is. Guys, I live for weekends. Especially ones that go like this:

Friday: I didn't have to work so I lounged about part most of the day. Sweet.
Evening came and I wisked on downtown to pick up Job and meet some friends for dinner at 5 Napkin Burger. After dinner we went to the play/musical "Curtains". It was fabulous! I love seeing plays on stage, there is such a great energy and excitement! It kept us laughing and guessing the whole time.

Saturday: Welcome sleep! It was nice to have a day to sleep in. Those don't come all that often.
Later we hit a Food Truck Festival near our house that was hosted by Suffolk Downs racetrack so we got to try out a bunch of yummy food from local trucks while watching the horse races. Super fun for people like us who love food and local fun :) No betting for us though, we'd rather spend our money on food ;)
That night we rented a scary movie and got our cuddle on.

Sunday: dawned bright and early! I got my visiting teaching (visiting women in our church as friends and to talk about the gospel) done in the morning before church and then Job and I went to see a little bit of the Head of the Charles Regatta, a big crew competition here in Boston. I had packed a little picnic earlier that morning so we parked it on our little blanket along a quiet part of the river and munched while we watched the boats speed on by.
Church was uplifting, edifying, and just what we needed to start our week with. We talked about having humility, and living up to our potential and privileges. After church I did some more visiting teaching, and then we headed out to a Viola concert at Job's school (Helen Callus-lovely concert). After that Job did his Home Teaching and then finally we headed home. I got to skype my sister who I haven't talked to in ages, "meet" her current boyfriend, grill him a little, and see my mum's 2 kittens she just got.
I was definitely ready for bed that night, and ready to wake up this morning for work (after hitting snooze twice that is ;).

Bam. How's that for an update? I know, kind of long. But that's good from a journal perspective right? :D yeeaaah.

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