Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gourmet Night-I hosted! :)

I thought I'd share a few pictures from the gourmet night last month, which I got to host at our home. It was so fun, there was a great turn-out, and I had the BEST co-host in the world. Jessica, you are a lifesaver. Most of these pics are hers too (thanks for letting me steal use these! ;)

The women all brought amazing dishes! The theme I chose was Apples and Cinnamon, and it turned out DELISH. We had salad with apples, warm braised chicken and apples, a spicy African chicken dish, amazing spiced stuffing, to die for goat cheese, apple and honey tarts, and many more awesome dishes we all got to try. (no pictures of food sadly. We are always too busy eating to think of that! ;)

As a little thank you/party favor I sent the women home with some homemade caramel apples. I dipped them in all sorts of things and they were fun (and messy) to make :) I don't have a picture of the finished product but I wrapped them up with clear cellophane, raffia, and a cute thank you tag.

Jess and I had a ton of fun with the decor as well. We made cinnamon covered candles, apple votive holders, leaf garlands, a leaf chandelier, and pretty fall foliage place settings. 

Can't wait for this month's dinner party! This time someone else gets to host so I just need to find an awesome recipe to try :)


  1. Wow, those dishes sound amazing. Do you have any of the recipes?

  2. What a fun thing to do. I am thinking about starting something like that with my friends too.