Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hair and Humble

I got my hair cut and styled the other day, which was about 1 1/2 years overdue. Boy did it feel good! And I promised my stylist, Russanne (she's awesome you should check out her blog) I would turn over a new leaf and actually do my hair more often ;) But she said my hair was healthy so, you know, points for me and all that.

Sorry for the not-so-great self portrait. Job was not available to take my beauty shots ;)

In other news....
Job rocked a master class with a hot-shot violinist the other day so we went out for a little late night treat to celebrate. I asked if I could blog about his happy news (proud wife here ;) but he looked all shy and said, "oh no, don't tell anyone, I just wanted to celebrate with you". But I insisted so he said, "o.k. well, you can only put 'he did alright' or something like that". haha ok love,

He did alright.

I tease him, but his modesty really is attractive to me. So I'll take on the job of bragging a little bit for him ;) He is doing really well in school and growing so much as a musician. I love this guy.


  1. i just love you guys! i wish we lived closer! boohoo. for now, i guess i'll just have to enjoy your blog from afar! Way to go Job, and Rachael, your hair loos FANtastic.

  2. Holla! (That's what I say when I get blog mentions)