Sunday, November 20, 2011


I just have such a overwhelming feeling of love for Job today. I love him all the time of course, but today it just felt extra strong. Do you ever get moments like that, whether it be for a friend, a spouse, or a family member? As I am sitting here thinking about what might have brought this special feeling I realize it is because I took the time to think of him today rather than get too focused and distracted on tasks and other things. Whenever I start thinking of him and all he does for our family, that extra special feeling of love, complete with butterflies, is automatic because he is wonderful and thinking of him makes me happy. I think another reason is because I tried to serve him today. Serving each other feels so good! And it really does strengthen our relationship and make our love stronger. The last thing I can think of is because he humbly served others today. And that is just so very attractive to me. I really feel like the most blessed woman in the world to have such a kind, talented, spiritual, and all-around amazing man as my husband. And I want to keep doing my best to be worthy of that blessing.
I just wanted to write this down today, to express gratitude for the love Job and I share, and to help me remember to put Job first every day so that our love can just keep on growing.
This whole marriage thing really does get better and better every day :)


  1. Rachael I love your blog!Your posts are all so fun.I am happy to see that you two are completly in love.. it's a great feeling!!

  2. Ahh, precious! Husbands truly are the greatest!