Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That holiday in October

Halloween has come and gone. Here's some hard cold facts about the Salazar family on this slightly odd, slightly fun, slightly creepy, and slightly sweet holiday (in no particular order): But first, you have to look at us.

1. Ward Party! Highlight of this aforementioned holiday. It's always a good time to see your fellow ward members (who you usually see in dresses and suits) rocking crazy costumes.

2. I put together Job and I's costumes (I made Job's shirt). I was a #2 pencil (note the green socks and pink eraser shoes ;) and Job was a piece of notebook paper.

3. Little announcement: I won the chili cook-off at the party! :) Ok I know this is tooting my own horn but I just had to throw that in there. I wasn't expecting to win and it was a fun surprise. I'll have to post the recipe here sometime. It was Chocolate Chipotle Chili. Yum. Oh, and I won a legit apron for it! Nice huh!

4. We passed out candy from our trunk to the kids from church which was fun. I made some flour-less PB cookies with kisses and reese's on them, wrapping them up all cute, but I underestimate the amount of kids so we ran out of those really quick. Primary president to the rescue with back up candy :)

5. At work on the 31st we went around the hospital and the kids did trick or treating. My patient suffered through it, frequently asking about Christmas haha :) Halloween is not his favorite ;)

6. I actually don't like sweets all that much. Only in small quantities and spaced out. WEIRD-O. I know.

7. We sadly didn't get any trick or treaters at our flat that night. We had a bowl full of candy all ready and everything. Oh well.

8. Our scary movie for this Halloween-The Witches. Remember watching that as a kid? Yeah I know, CREEPY! Though not as creepy as I remember it being as a kid. I guess because I am not longer a kid and out of danger of being turned into a mouse.

9. It snowed a few days before Halloween which made for some shivering trick or treaters. What? Last year we didn't get snow until December. It has been odd weather. (luckily the snow didn't stick)

10. Happy Halloween. Belated. (I just had to have a #10)

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