Friday, December 9, 2011

For Unto Us a Child is Born, Unto us a Son is Given

Our ward (church group) is doing an advent candle this year. Each day starting Dec. 1 we burn down a part of the candle while we read from the scriptures about the life of our Savior. This has been such a beautiful and special time for Job and I to reflect on Jesus Christ who's birth and life we celebrate this time of year. Reading these passages each night has really helped me focus more on Christ and less on fluffy, commercial things. I still love other Holiday traditions, don't get me wrong, but keeping the focus on Jesus brings a lot of peace. I thought I would include the references here in case anyone else wants to join in. It really brings the spirit into our home and lives. Enjoy!

          Day/Event                                  Reference          Jesus Christ...
Day 1-Raising the daughter of Jarius, Luke 8:41-56, was compassionate
Day 2-Forgiving a sinful woman         Luke 7:36-50, was forgiving
Day 3-Healing a nobleman's son         John 4:46-53, had power to heal
Day 4-Cleansing the temple                 John 2:13-17,was reverent and opposed evil
Day 5-Calming the storm                    Mark 4:35-41, had power over the elements
Day 6-Blessing the children                Mark 10: 13-16, loved children
Day 7-Dining with Mary and Martha, Luke 10:38-42, made people happy
Day 8-Suffering in the garden,            Luke 22:41-45,was submissive and sacrificed for others
Day 9-Washing the feet of the apostles, John 13:3-17, was humble
Day 10-Choosing his apostles,             Luke 6:12-13, was prayerful
Day 11-Advanced in learning,              Luke 2:51-52, obeyed his parents
Day 12-Was baptized,                           Matt. 3:13-17, was obedient to God's law
Day 13-Sermon on the Mount,             Matt. 5:2-16, gave counsel
Day 14-Christ in the temple,                 Luke 2:42-49, taught when he was twelve
Day 15-The Lord's Prayer,                    Matt. 6:9-13, taught how to pray
Day 16-The sower,                                Luke 8:5-16, taught with stories
Day 17-The lost sheep,                          Luke 15:4-7, helped sinners
Day 18-The Good Samaritan,               Luke 10:29-36, was kind
Day 19-The Comforter,                         John 14:26-27, promised the Holy Ghost
Day 20-Fishes and Loaves,                   Matt. 14:15-21, performed miracles
Day 21-Lazarus,                                    John 11:40-44, raised the dead
Day 22-Mary's visitation,                      Luke 1:26-33, is the Son of the Highest
Day 23-His birth,                                  Luke 2:1-11, fulfilled prophecy
Day 24-Shepherds visited and wise men brought gifts, Matt. 2:9-12, Luke 2:12-16, was worshiped.

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