Friday, January 20, 2012

2nd Year Anniversary

It appears I have missed documenting our 2 year anniversary! Wha-wha-what?! I assure you, we didn't forget it. It was December 19th and there was plenty of googly eyes, random hugs, lots of kisses, and little surprises. Of course, that's a pretty normal day for us anyways (I am married to the best man) but I would say the mushy level went up a notch.

'Twas a pretty simple day which was nice. We already had a ton of fun things planned for around Christmas so we decided to keep the day low-key. I went to work that morning and Job's first treat was to drive me there. What a stud :) Of course we had to grab breakfast at our local DD. And of courser we had to take a picture.

Later that evening Job picked me up, we went out for steak, and we talked and talked. I love that. (the goofy salad picture is a little joke between us ;)
Later that night I might have utilized the little something I picked up using my VS rewards card. Wait, what...who said that?...
Throughout the week, before and after, we celebrate in little ways us being married. Two whole years! We couldn't be happier.

Ok, ok I'll stop. Here are a few 2nd Year Stats:

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  1. You have a VS rewards card? I am impressed! That Job is one lucky man :)