Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Camping out, living room style

P.S. (pre-script) My little sister scoffed when I told her we did this. "pshbm, that's cool". WHAT DO YOU KNOW!? ;) It's cool, ok.
Love you Ren.

We had Grease, a puzzle with alligators, popcorn, colorful little lights and candles, cookies...what else is there to want? (except Grease is a scandalous movie! I had forgotten ;)

Yup, we slept here. And then we woke up and ate panettone bread pudding for breakfast here. And then we canceled our plans for a hike due to rain. And then went back to sleep right here. Good story huh?

We think so too.

P.S. (post-script this time. Sheesh, confusing)
Our little Owl friend missed us in bed that night. Always watching out for us, what a guy.

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  1. I LOVE living room camp-outs! The fairy lights are nice touch ;) Gonna have to steal that idea! You two are so cute! :)