Friday, February 17, 2012

Flash Back Friday: Dinner al dente

Oh the memories this picture brings back. We were dating. Job planned and prepared a nice romantic dinner for us. He made a big deal out of everything, picked me up from school, brought be back to his apartment, got me a gift, this was all a surprise to me, etc..
He whisked me into the oasis of love and good food......BUT the food was not cooked all the way.
We got hungry.
We went out for Mexican food.
We had a lunch date with {fully cooked} pot roast the next day instead.
We still laugh about the uncooked dinner.
It is times like that when you get to know a person, and I'm am glad neither Job nor I freaked out over plans that didn't pan out. Sometimes you've just gotta roll with the punches. It was still a romantic date in my eyes, mostly because Job was and still is suuuper adorable.
Plus I got an extra
lunch date out of it so, score.

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