Friday, February 3, 2012

Unsolicited Relationship Advice: Take it or take it.

Let's get real for a second. Anyone who knows me on a personal level, (or who has ever talked to me for 3 minutes or longer) knows I am a frugal saver cheap-a person. It comes in handy a lot of times, trust me. I am pretty good with making sure money doesn't fly out the window unexpectedly because I keep it on a teeny tiny short leash. A money leash. You can buy one on amazon.

Anyways, sometimes this cheapness of mine causes stress to my dear sweet husband who likes to do things for me. He is not some crazy spender or anything, just not as neurotic as I am about not spending money. He likes to spend money on important things.

And he taught me a little lesson the other day. He was taking me out on a date to the symphony (which is basically free for us, yay) when he told me this date would not just include the symphony. He then proceeded to take me on a beautiful romantic walk through a part of the city I had never been to, kissed me in the middle of a lovely plaza, and then we arrived at our destination which was a nice Asian restaurant. (I am getting to my point here, I promise). He told me how important it was that we go on dates, and not only just dates but fun, interesting dates. And sometimes that requires a little bit of money. Sometimes it doesn't, and we have plenty of those dates too, but he taught me that doing something new, different, and exciting can be stimulating for a relationship. I took a deep breath and didn't think too much about money that night. And he was very respectful and kept things reasonable so I would feel comfortable. We both relaxed and had a wonderful evening (until I feel asleep during the symphony and he was embarrassed by me. Hey, it was a long day! But that's another story ;)

Now I am not saying dates have to be expensive, or even cost money at all. But it is important to go outside the box sometimes in a relationship to keep it strong. Maybe that means getting a babysitter, or going somewhere new to eat rather than the old standby. Maybe it means trying something completely new for both of you. Or maybe that just means doing something the other person really likes (even if you don't).

Job and I love to date each other, and I feel that is one of the things that keeps our relationship strong through the inevitable hard times that come with life and marriage. We are still working on lots of things but I feel very blessed to have a man in my life who makes that a priority. 

Thanks love.


  1. This is a great post! It is important to make sure that you keep doing things together, new and old and have fun together! It is easy to get stuck in the same old same old rut, but simple fun, inexpensive things can really make all of the difference! Sharing smiles, laughs, and kisses is important!

  2. great post Rachel - love it. I read in the ensign last month "dates are cheaper than a divorce" - so, just keep that in mind! It's all about perspective :) - emily

  3. Great post, Rachael! And great advice, Emily. I think I'm going to go on a nice date tonight. :)