Thursday, March 15, 2012

One of those long-ish posts...

Poofy hair and car crushes are good and all, but I've decided it is time for a good old fashioned update.
Here's just a little bit about what's happening with the Salazar's:

We got a new car....oh you heard that? Ok....

I've got nothing then.

Naw just kidding. Here's the low down. For real.

Job is finishing his last semesters of his Masters! It has gone by so quickly and we have loved going through the program (oh yes, I meant "we". I feel I have gone through this program with Job! ;) We are really hoping to stick around Boston for a while longer though. We have fallen in love with Boston, and New England in general. We have some things in the works which might allow us stay, so we'll keep you updated :)
Job is doing very well his last semester (as he has done through the whole program. *Brag, brag*. No just kidding, I am just happy for him :). They have kept him extra busy lately but he is always considerate of me and makes time to spend with me. I am very grateful for that.
He has been loving his callings at church, especially working with the primary kids (ages 3-11) during singing time. I peeked in to watch him teach the other week and it was so cute. He does a great job and I am excited to watch him teach our kids some day.
Job is taking a fun elective this semester-yoga for musicians!  I love yoga and I wish I was better at it. He is now far surpassing my abilities and is becoming quite the yogi. He comes home and teaches me cool moves.

I have been enjoying my job a ton! I realized I never actually posted what I do for work. I have the wonderful opportunity to work with a young boy who has many physical disabilities and also is developmentally delayed.  He needs care 24/7 so I am a private duty home care nurse who works with him. I just can't describe how special this boy is to me. First of all, he is awesome. Such an extraordinary boy. One of those guys who everyone likes. He is so sweet, and I am learning a lot from him. I feel like I am getting a teeny glimpse into what it might be like to be a parent, and I feel blessed to be able to work with such a great individual. He is seriously a hoot, I wish I could have my friends and family meet him. We chat, read books, watch t.v., sing a lot, and go to school together (at a special school for kids with severe special needs so I get to observe his and other children's therapies which is cool. I am learning a lot there too). And of course I do plenty of nursing care in there as well ;) With his various needs I am getting good experience in as a nurse and am learning some valuable nursing skills. I feel it is a really good fit for me right now, a good mix between enjoying using my nursing skills I worked so hard to develop in school, and working with kids which I enjoy a lot. So, that's that in a nutshell :) I really like my job and feel blessed to have it.
I also am enjoying my calling as a Relief Society counselor. Our ward is great.

We are still loving our little home. There is an open room for anyone who wants to come visit :)

I feel like this Winter has been extra mild just for us. I know, it hasn't just for us, but I kind of feel like it anyways. So we really can't complain about not having heat in the car for most of the winter. It has not been too bad at all.

Eating healthy has been going well lately. I feel like we have done a fairly good job throughout our marriage, but it is always fun to has a new burst of commitment and try new things, which we have lately (like soy and almond milk, extra veggies in our diet, new whole grains, packing all of our lunches, vegan and vegetarian cooking etc..) Now for me to just get into exercising....

I am very happy with our simple life. We have each other, we have learning opportunities every day. We have the gospel and our families. We have fun chances to see and do things around our area. We have it good.

 From a recent walk on the beach.

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  1. It makes me happy when you're happy, Rachel. It sounds like you and Job are doing well! :)