Friday, April 13, 2012

How you can tell it is the opening game of the season for the Red Sox today....

  • My first clue was when my patient came out of the house today wearing his red sox shirt. Then noticing that everyone (EVERYONE) was wearing red sox gear. Sheesh, I gotta go shopping so I can fit in here ;)
  • Bus driver had the game turned up on the radio thanksverymuch. And everyone knew to be quiet. Don't mess with a Bostonian and their Red Sox.
  • High fives all around when we come into home!
  • Me forgoing my usual radio line-up on the commute home from work to tune in to the game. I am usually a strickly live sports kind of gal, but not today. It's opening day people!
  • Traffic. And lots of it.
  • Job's school is near Fenway park and he can hear the crowd in his classes when something good happens. I'll bet he's hearing a lot today :)
Go get 'em Red Sox! 


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