Friday, April 6, 2012

You know what? Food.

It is a goal of mine to invite people over for Sunday dinner more. I just selfishly think that I don't want to mess with what we have going. It's pretty darn low key and wonderful. It usually involves either

A) picking up the Italian dinner waiting outside our door from our landlord, dividing amongst plates, adding veg, and done.

Or B) Making homemade Mexican food together, lots of taste testing, and eating it from our living room sofa (a dining chair makes a lovely little makeshift table).

I mean, we think it's great, but I don't know if others would go with the whole eating off a chair thing for Sunday dinner. And then I think, "well maybe they {guests} only like sitting on the floor and eating cheerios for their Sunday dinner" and I of course don't want to mess with something great like that.

However!! I shall overcome my love of lazy Sunday afternoons once in a while so we can share a meal with our friends. Because whenever we do I end up loving it too. It's so fun to share a meal with friends!
And local friends reading this, please don't think I'd rather be sitting on the couch eating tacos when we invite you k? We really do love to have people over, promise :)

New goal. I wrote it here, it can't be undone. ;)


  1. Yum!!! We are always down for la comida Mexicana! :)

  2. Pick me! We like you guys AND we like food! Win win! No but really we should get a little group together and do dinner, maybe in a park? Yeah?