Thursday, June 7, 2012

5 Signs we watch Food Network's show 'Chopped' too much

1.The first thing that came out of our mouths while watching the other day was "Nice haircut Ted!"

2. On the subject of hair, Job also mentioned, "Oh look, Alex dyed her hair. It looks good black" (we are on first name basis with all the judges).

3. We start giving the contestants very specific advice. "Oh no, you'd better cook something and not serve everything raw, otherwise Marc will think you are copping out!", "Watch those raw onions, Scott hates raw onions" and, "nice move with the spice choices, Aaron is on the panel today"

4. We put some pretty big bets on which chef is going home in each round. "Massage during the entrée round says raw potato guy is going"
 "Nope, it's gotta be soggy french toast dude. You're on"

5. We frequently make dinner with whatever we have in the house and call it a "chopped challenge" night.
"I'm going to go make us a chopped challenge ok?"
"Sounds great, don't forget to use that chayote"

What can we say, we're just nerds.


  1. haha! nerds! it's cool tho i love to be creative like that sometimes!

  2. we are so the same!!! seriously.. calling the judges by their first names and all! haha that show is so fun!!!

  3. I love that you guys do that! That is so great :) Brandon and I love chopped!