Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Job-another one from the archives

 This one made me laugh, and then kiss my husband.

Job has over 1000 friends on facebook. I would say excessive and a bit ridiculous except for the fact that the large majority really ARE his friends. He actually knows them. Imagine that. I love that he is outgoing. He makes friends wherever he goes.

But another thing about Job is that he totally speaks his mind. He doesn't mind saying what he thinks, and he will be completely honest with you. And I have discovered that is a good thing (the majority of the time ;). So even while being somewhat blunt and very honest he still has lots of friends. Which leads me to believe people like honesty. Breaking news, huh.

Job has a fake smile in his repertoire. He uses it a lot when I insist on taking many pictures of him at odd times or weird places. I like his real smile the best, but his fake smile makes me laugh :)

Job is passionate about things he does. Violin, music in general, cooking, church and his callings, missionary work, me (ha couldn't resist ;), and so much more. I love that.

He let's me cut his hair. That is really nice. Especially considering how it sometimes looks after I cut it.

 This man is a cleaning machine. It is he who makes sure our house is always spiffy clean. So if you ever doubted whether you could eat off our kitchen surfaces, worry no more because those things see a Clorox wipe 3+ times a day. I know, I'm spoiled.

I kind of love when he gets into certain chick flicks. This man is the ultimate because I swear he has the best qualities of both genders (ok now, don't take that weirdly.....) I'm just sayin' he is one sexy hunk of a man with all the associated traits and qualities, but can also sit down and brush my hair while watching a ridiculous t.v. teen drama, all the while throwing in things like "she is such a bee-otch" or "She doesn't deserve him, what is he thinking?!". Best of both worlds, I am telling you.

He has this little dance that never fails to get a full-out laugh from me. Let's just leave it at that.... ;)

He holds my hand while he is the one driving (which is 100% of the time when we are together) even if we are in crazy traffic, on the highway, or lost. Sometimes I have to gently place his hand on the wheel to avoid certain death, but oh how I love holding that hand.

As if either of those needed an explanation ;)

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