Sunday, August 5, 2012

Master Job!

As I have mentioned, Job graduated with his Masters degree in Violin Performance from the Boston Conservatory this Spring. I can't believe he is done, the 2 years flew by! I am incredibly proud of my Jobito for working so hard and getting a great education. He is so intelligent, a hard worker, and an amazing musician.
His pre-graduation party was at House of Blues here in Boston which was fun. It is really cool inside with a definite Moroccan feel to it. We mingled, ate, and congratulated Job. Unfortunately he started to feel ill during it, but he was so sweet and put on a happy face to celebrate. I just felt bad he didn't feel like eating any of the great food! But I ate enough for the two of us just in case you were worried ;)

Job was still feeling yucky graduation morning, so his celebratory breakfast was slight. But look at that happy face! Nothing could keep him down, he was graduating!

The ceremony was great. Getting a bunch of artists together makes for a fun crowd! The speakers were really cool and we enjoyed hearing their advice and words to the grads.

After the ceremony and reception we headed to the Public Garden for some pics. Just look at that handsome man! I am so darn lucky to have him.

Congratulations my man, I am so very happy for you and proud of your accomplishment. Hats off to Master Job!

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