Friday, September 28, 2012

This comes highly recommended. By us.

If your looking for a really, really fun date, let me suggest an itinerary*.

(*Results may vary. Changing things up may result in different experiences. Results guaranteed only when followed exactly. Side effects of this date hopefully include uncontrollable laughter, increased love for significant other, intense cravings for certain foods, and waving your arms in the air like you just don't care)

1. Start date at home. Seeing your Significant other (SO) in the comfort of your home after several long, intense days is a relaxing start to the date. You are encouraged to cuddle, make-out, chat, or other such enjoyable activities.

2. Head out on your local Public Transportation. Ditch the car, it just adds parking stress.

3. Arrive at Crema Cafe in Harvard Square. Order the Sweet Potato Sandwich with avocado, green apple, sprouts, hummus & caramelized shallot vinaigrette on toasted wheat, and the Crema Grilled Chicken with sliced avocado & zesty cotija cheese-corn spread, pressed on light sourdough. Spring for the sweet potato chips to share with your SO. They are worth it (the SO and the chips). Switching halves of sandwiches highly recommended.

Ongoing: Daydream about Crema Grilled Chicken sandwich and make plans to go back and get other one. Soon.

4. Head across the street to Pinkberry for some frozen yogurt with lots of toppings. Again, sharing is encouraged.

5. The theater district awaits. Head to BLUE MAN GROUP (!!!) for your show. Words to describe this show include: hilarious, quirky, interesting, enjoyable, weird, fun, interactive, amazing, and memorable.

6. Laugh your head off, widen your eyes and go "whoa!" a lot, dance, do all the rock concert moves, smile till your cheeks hurt, and make plans to recommend this date to all your friends.


Oh except for a really bad quality phone photo.

There you go.

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