Sunday, November 11, 2012

This year's must have winter coats

I am in need of a new winter coat. Luckily Job and I came across the new line of "Coogi" at the store today. I thought, "Well perfect, now I can have some lush outerwear from the sister company of Gucci!"

The only hard part is choosing which fashion forward look I will be be trottin' the streets of Boston in this Winter.

Option A.

Option B.

Option C.

Alas, in the end I got a boring black Columbia coat that is warm, and waterproof, and practical. (which I actually love a lot, thanks for being a great shopping buddy Job :)

Next season Coogi. I'll be saving my pennies....


  1. Option B is def my favorite! Haha!

  2. For future reference, I liked B best. But you were probably better off with the Columbia. Good job!