Friday, November 2, 2012

Well bless my soul, I forgot Halloween

Just kidding, one more.

Our Halloween of course. Pretty low key. Driving around Beacon Hill, a ward party the night before, me getting to trick-or-treat with my patient at work, a 2 minute costume (thanks Ellen D.!), sending kids up to our neighbor for candy since we had none (we are lame)....and I guess that's that.

I have never been too into Halloween, but it's a holiday and we had fun. Always nice to have an excuse to do something different. Not that we ever need an excuse ;)
Call Me Maybe. (and it wasn't meant to be a creepy costume but boy do I look all sorts of scary in this picture ;)

 At our ward party Job had a sign that said Call Me. At work I just had the name tag and people still got it. I actually had started some costumes for Job and I to be Wenda and Odlaw (from Where's Waldo?) but with the storm I couldn't go out to finish them. Oh well, now I have the glasses for next year ;)

Happy Halloween Ya'll.

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