Monday, December 10, 2012


The scene: Job and Rachael driving, listening to the radio. The NPR radio host and Ken Jennings are answering caller's questions.

Rachael: Oh, it's Ken Jennings.
Job: Who is he?
Rachael: You know, the guy who won on jeopardy like 7 times {74 to be exact ;) }, I think he's Mormon, he is really rich now....
Job: Oh yeah, I stayed at his house for a weekend once. He's nice.

Oh yeah. I guess you remember who he is! ;)


  1. Wow I have been slacking on the whole reading other people's blogs thing. I am glad Job's surgery went well and I hope he makes a speedy recovery! How are you doing and how is your job going! You guys always have so much fun. Maybe someday we can make it out there and party with you guys

  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? He stayed at Ken Jennings' house for a week?!!? Is this real life?