Monday, February 11, 2013

Blizzard 2013-Nemo

We braved the blizzard of 2013! Winter storm Nemo swept through Boston Friday and Saturday leaving 20-30 inches of snow and huge drifts. East Boston recorded winds at 76mph and we got about 2 feet of snowfall. Because this storm was not so devastating to lives and property like Sandy, it ended up being a fun experience (at least for us, I can't speak for those who might have had a harder time of it and am sorry if you did!) I left work early on Friday to get off the roads before they were too bad and to adhere to the driving ban put into place (smart move). I also took Saturday off due to being snowed in our neighborhood. Job and I stayed in all weekend, watched movies, cooked, talked, and had a great time! It was a little vacation for us. A vacation that included 3 1/2 hours of show shoveling, but fun nonetheless ;) It was enjoyable to get out Saturday afternoon for the cleanup. Everyone was out and friendly, I feel like our neighborhood came together to help each other out.

Now for a picture dump almost as big as the blizzard:


  1. that picture of the vines on the building is so beautiful!! i'm glad you guys faired well :)

  2. Amazing storm and wonderful pictures. It sounds like you did the right thing and really enjoyed it! Hooray for safety!