Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all! This is such a beautiful holiday. As we were listening to sacred music this morning, all about our Savior, I felt His love for me and so grateful for his sacrifice and life. He lives. This is one of my favorite pictures for Easter,

 Because I have been sick for over a week, and sadly got Job sick as well, I wasn't the best with planning/following through with the plans I had for Easter. There was no grocery shopping this week. I stayed home from church today :( because Job rightly said no one wanted me hacking on them. So today I slept. And the walk I wanted to do didn't happen, and I am just making dinner at 8pm, and I didn't make fun treats for us to share.

But, that doesn't change the importance of this holiday. It has been nice to have a quiet and simple day. It has felt good to share with my husband my testimony of what I know to be true, and to read and think about Christ.

Oh, and I didn't totally skip out on the fluffy fun stuff. I made some natural dyes yesterday and colored eggs from bluberries, spinach, curry powder, and beets. I kinda love colored eggs :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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