Saturday, March 16, 2013

Never Grow Up

Unfortunately, growing up seems like an inevitable thing sometimes. Lately I have noticed:

Ways I Am Becoming An Adult

//I do not enjoy Disney channel shows anymore. As in, they don't appeal to me at all. Big realization there. (Or maybe the new shows are just lame. Give me a Disney channel classic movie and I am sure I would happily watch ;)

//I do the dishes without being asked and have been holding back my "look at me I just did the dishes, praise me!" (complete with waggling eyebrows) look I normally give when I do the dishes of my own free will. 

//I have a home oil tank to fill up. Enough to make anyone feel old. 

//The words "Will you pick up the dry cleaning?" have come out of my mouth. Dry cleaning, us? Weird.

// 401K actually sounds EXCITING!. I know. 

I'm doomed.

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