Friday, March 8, 2013

Ren does Boston again

Before Maren left for her mission (more on that here) to the far off land of South Korea she was able to come a spend a week with us. First off, I am so happy she has made this decision. She will be a fabulous missionary. She left to go learn Korean at the MTC on Wednesday, and I miss her already. I am so glad she could spend time with us before she left.

We did Salem, sleepy hallow cemetery, the outside of the orchard house (closed), went shopping, ate out, had a winter picnic, Harvard yard, aquarium, did yoga, tea time, the ICA, movies at home, sleepovers in the living room, you tube funny videos night, haymarket, cooked together, made things from pinterest, concert in the old south church, slept in, stayed up late, temple trip, canoli run(s)....lots of fun!

It was definitely a vacation time for Job and I as well, we lived it up as much as we could between work and school. I switched some days of work and had a real weekend. Bliss.

We love you Maren and promise to write you lots and lots of letters :)

난 당신을 사랑

Some instagrams before I get to my camera pictures. Another post of all pictures sure to follow :)

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