Saturday, April 20, 2013

A resolution, and some regular silly things to come

We have had quite a week. As a city in general, and as a country.

{As a very quick update for journal purposes, I don't want to sound like a news station here, people can always look more up-today the 2 suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing were found after killing a police officer early in the morning. One was killed in a shoot out, and one escaped. A massive manhunt ensued and the city of Boston and surrounding areas were on a sort of lock down. We were to stay inside and lock the doors. Anyways, after a very long day they found the 2nd bomber and we can breath again. We will hopefully find out more in the morning.}

I cannot begin to imagine the kind of week those individuals directly affected by the bombing and shoot outs had and will have as they continue to heal. They are on my mind and in my prayers.
Thank you to our hardworking law enforcement officers. They were just amazing this week. I hope they can go home to their families and get some much deserved rest tonight.

Thank you to a nation and a world who sent prayers this way. I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and concern. And it really helped. 

And now in a way I feel like I can go on with life as normal, being a little more careful perhaps, more grateful, and definitely being a lot more loving. This city is forever changed, by the loss of loved ones, and also because we saw a lot of helpers and that brought us closer together.


I postponed a few silly little posts from the past weeks that I had previously written because it felt odd to bother with them considering what was happening, + they were not really what was on my mind. But I will post them this coming week, because we can and will be happy, and silly little things are fun sometimes :)

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