Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston marathon tragedy

I guess I just want to get my feelings down. I am still in shock over what happened today.  Our beautiful city was attacked and two bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I am crushed, and scared, and sad. This just happened a few hours ago, details still are pouring in on the news but 130 people injured and  3 dead as of now. These were runners, and families watching and cheering. Kids, husbands, wives, friends. What usually is such a bright, exciting and inspiring day ended in a senseless act of violence and cruelty.
It is extremely sobering to have something like this happen where you live. We know people running, we know people watching. Yesterday at church was so fun because we had guests from all over participating. One 72 year old man was running it for the 36th time! This should have been a joyful day.
I was at work today and Job was in a different part of the city recording. We were safe and are grateful for that. I just keep praying for those who were hurt or killed, families, the police and emergency response teams, the doctors and nurses caring for the injured...everyone affected. Our city. Every city.
Thanks to everyone who has poured out concern and love. Keep the prayers and love coming, we as a community need them

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