Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday thoughts

>>>>6 am on Sunday is my new favorite. It is so beautiful.

>>>> I think I can handle a double evening/night shift Saturday-Sunday! First time doing it last night and it was fine. I will be taking more of those. 

>>>> When I got in this morning, Job had a little packet of my pjs all ready for me on my side of the bed. Thanks love, that was so thoughtful :) 

>>>>I woke up to get ready for church at 1pm and Jobito was gone. Where are you honey? Was I that hard to wake up?*

>>>> Also, I forgot, church starts at 1, not 2. 

>>>> Sooo....I guess I am here today so I will try to make the best of it :)

*update, apparently I was! Job said he tried and tried to wake me up and I would mumble something incoherent and crazy and go back to sleep. He said he had never seem me so tired, and that I seemed drunk. I remember none of this. Oops. Maybe those double nights aren't such a great idea ;)

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