Thursday, January 9, 2014

Twelve Dates of Christmas 2013: Date 12

It's Christmas!

Christmas Eve we had an international student over for dinner before her flight to Japan early the next morning. Job cooked a yummy meal and we enjoyed the evening.

For Christmas day we also kept it low-key and lovely. I worked in the morning, came home for a delicious meal prepared by Job, gifts, Charlie Brown, calling lots of family, candy etc...

We love this season, and are so grateful for our Savior and His birth. What a beautiful and holy event to celebrate. It's no wonder why this time of year is so exciting and magical.

We want to carry the season of giving into the new year, and we hope to continue to give gifts of service and love throughout the year. Because what better way to serve God than by serving His children.

And that's what I say folks! :)

We helped these cuties make this awesome gingerbread creation, at our ward Christmas party early in the month.

 Our special little tree. 

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