Sunday, March 30, 2014

What some people will do for food

When there is a pop-up doughnut shop in town, we go. When there is a pop-up doughnut shop in town run by one of our favorite chefs from this season of Top Chef, we go and take lots of pictures. For your enjoyment and ours:
There was quite the line before this places opened. And this was early Saturday morning. And we were second in line ;) (ok, basically first. We were watching the line from a bench across the street and there was no one when we arrived. We headed over as soon as others arrived).

Picture time! That's Stephanie Cmar (and Job, duh). She is the cutest, and super sweet.

We talked to a couple at the table next to us after our meal and chatted about our favorites. They were so shocked when we said we each had three doughnuts. What!? There were three flavors so it only made sense...
Doughnuts are pretty rad. And oh-so trendy, did you know?

Also Boston friends, since this pop-up was successful Stephanie is doing more of them. She has been going around to different restaurants around Boston each weekend. Look it up and go :)

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