Monday, September 1, 2014

Salazar "reunion" 2014

I call it a reunion, Job doesn't like that word. Too much pressure or something ;) Anyways, Job's side of the family all got together in Boston this year to party and celebrate Job's final recital and graduating! Wooohoo! It was the first time they had all been together in many (8?) years so it was a family victory. Glad Job could provide the perfect reason to make this happen.

Imagine this: 12 Salazars under 1 roof. Well, that is including spouses. This means delicious food, hilarious stories that I can't understand but someone is good enough to translate for me (but never quite as funny after being translated. Man, I gotta learn Spanish), a dining room turned beauty parlor, a large group herded onto the T everywhere, reminiscing about childhoods in Monterrey, etc. etc. Sometimes us spouses just had to sit back and watch, but we mostly can hold our own ;) Most of the kids didn't come this trip, but we had two little ones make the trip and they were grand sports. Everyone loved Boston (so do we! ;), and we had fun exploring. We already started planning the next "reunion", for the beaches of Mexico next time.

 In planning mode! These two were great to help get everyone get around and see things.
 Cooking up some reeeaallly good smelling things in our humble kitchen.
 Mas sopa. Not gonna lie, Job got a little spoiled with his mama here. Youngest child ;)

Getting a little nap in before graduation. Cuties!

Our dining room beauty parlor. Maribel keeping us all looking lovely ;)

 Helping a brother out with his trousers haha!
 Being a belt ;)

 Our home, the hostel.

Such a fun reunion! We hope to do it again soon.

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