Friday, December 12, 2014

The days before it becomes Christmas time

Ready for more Fall fun? Because we did indeed squeeze in some more fun this Fall.

 I died, went to heaven, and then came back over this view.  Brisk bike rides are the best.

 Job voted as a U.S. Citizen for the first time!!

 We took a really interesting meditation class at the Cambridge Zen center. It is a way of life and a religion for most of the people there, which was very unique. We came away with some new techniques to incorporate into our own life. I think it that's something so great about having people who are very different around us; we can learn from others and take what works for us and adapt to our own needs and lifestyles. Does that make sense? I just think that we as human beings have more in common than not. And as we share our beliefs and traditions we can grow closer as community members.

 Library date just because

 Secret rooftop garden date.
 With some Clover Food Lab eats thrown in.

 It's a birthday! Happy day Sebastian. We are so glad we know you and Michelle.

 I found a traveling book! Good luck will come to me all year (or something like that).

^^^I step outside and what do I see? ^^^

 Friday morning breakfasts in bed.

 Days so busy all we could do what grab pizza and eat dinner while waiting for the bus. These are good days :)

A Halloween get together complete with a full dinner and desserts for days. Because that's how our pals do it. Also, I have gorgeous friends. I mean, seriously, just look at those women up there.

 Opening of the newly renovated Harvard Art Museums.

Night city walk to a girls night with co-workers.

 Job left for a business trip to Mexico
And then came back to me, hurray!

I took 0 pictures from Thanksgiving, but it was a nice day. Job was still gone to Mexico, so I worked from 6a-4p. Then he flew back into town and we headed to a fellow musician's home in Brookline for a delicious dinner. They were so welcoming and kind, we really enjoyed spending time with their family. Plus, when you have dinner at the home of fantastic musicians, you get a show after dinner. Bonus!

Thank you Fall for being so fabulous. Thank you friends for helping make it so. Thank you Job for being the life of my party every day.

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