Friday, January 30, 2015

Christmas 2014

And then is was Christmas day! All that lead up, the hype, the preparing, the's worth it in the end because the journey to Christmas day is wonderful in and of itself. Job and I do try to keep our Christmas simple. We don't overly decorate (what you saw here is the extent), we try not to over plan, and for gifts we focus on one or two items we actually really need (boring right? I love it) and then an experience for the two of us to share rather than things. This year we got ourselves a Spring trip, and called it a birthday, Christmas, and anniversary gift.

I took the whole day off this year which was refreshing. I worked Christmas eve, Boxing Day, NYE, new years day (and most holidays throughout the year), so it was good to have this day. Job and I slept in, made a fire, cooked a lot of good food, talked to our families, watched a movie, opened a few presents from friends and families, and were all around happy and joyful.

Happy birthday to the the sweet Christ child, and we are forever grateful for what He continues to do for us every day.

Merry, happy, feliz Christmas!

 We got to talk to Melia who is serving in Cambodia! It was so fun to see her face, and hear her speak Khmer.
Snuggles galore. 

Over and out.

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