Sunday, January 18, 2015

Twelve Dates of Christmas: Date 11

On the 11th date of Christmas my true love and I...

Celebrated our 5th wedding Anniversary! It felt like a big one; a nice milestone. There are many, many, many more years were these came from. We kept it reeeeaaallll chill this time around. I don't know if it was because we had so many other things going on around the actual day, or because THE PRESSURE of doing something spectacular for the 5th made me want to rebel and eat nachos on the couch in our p.j.s, but either way, we relaxed and it was nice.

We ran some {not fun, adult} errands in the morning, followed by a walk downtown. Boston always looks pretty for a walk. A little bit of clothes shopping got thrown in because it was sorely needed (not because either of us particularly enjoy it ;) Then some yaki soba, a hot bowl of ramen, and edamame to share for lunch. And the conversation that went on over that little table was good. So comfortable, and so exciting discussing life with my love. Talking with Job comes very organically and there is always something to say. And then sometimes we just hold hands and don't say much of anything, but really are saying a whole lot in those quiet moments, you know? Anyways, I love him to the moon and back, with a fierce and slightly crazy kind of love he gets (right bun, you get it?), yadda, yadda, bing boom. I think I'll just stop this post and go tell him in person now.

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