Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Great Winter of 2015 Re-cap

January, February, and March brought a huge load of snow to Boston. I think everyone in the country knew about it, and we certainly knew about it. Here's the thing. I loved it! I know it became crazy at times, and caused some trouble for people, but there really was a lot to love about having so much snow.

1. It was always an adventure going outside.
2. Extra exercise as you walked through huge snow drifts.
3. Opportunities for fun winter sports.
4. Excitement as you watched the inches of snow pile up, and then amazement when it snowed more...and more...and MORE! :) I got giddy every time more came!
5. It was so gorgeous. The snow covered everything, and made the city magical.
6. Fun times snuggling up inside when you were done playing outside.

I think I either was very blessed this year, or just got fatter (both.) because I wasn't as cold as I normally am. Usually I like Winter, but am constantly shivering violently and just can't get warm. This Winter I loved Winter, and I was cold here and there, but wasn't painfully cold all that much.
I think Job liked the snow sometimes, but he had the job of shoveling all of it which took him hours a day (really). So it wasn't quite as enchanting for him when it snowed day after day ;) But he was an excellent sport and we had a great time enjoying this historical snowfall.

Here's a quick re-cap of some of our Winter fun!

 Food at home, food with friends. Food is extra yummy and comforting when it's cold and snowy.

 Lots of time to snuggle and cuddle inside. Fires, games, laughs, snacks.
 'nuff said.
 Hot food with friends. Going out and letting someone else do the clean up means more time for fun.
 Did I mention shoveling?
 Sledding and walks

 Snow shoeing! We tried to go to Mt. Auburn cemetery, but the gates were closed due to the snow. I wanted to jump the fence, but my better half said no ;)
Cross country skiing with the girls. It was so much fun!

And there is just a snippet of our record breaking snow season :) Such a memorable and exciting Winter!

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