Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

I took myself on a little date today, for some fresh air and pretty city views. I've been wanting to take a stroll down the greenway in its entirety, just to get a feel for how it flows. I've been to parts of it separately, but it was really lovely to walk down the whole thing (it's only about 1.5 miles). I started on the North End side. First I popped a street up to get a bite to eat (Italian of course, it's the North End), and then started on my way. It was enjoyable to meander at my own pace, and stop to take photos or admire plants whenever I wanted; no pressure, no time constraints.

There are lots cool places surrounding the greenway that you could pop off the path to see, so this could be a whole day of fun if you wanted it to. It's a good way to see a pretty chunk of the city. I love projects like this because they help combine two of my favorite things which often are separated--big cities, and nature. I was feeling grand with my big camera, so most got sweeping shots, but I have some close ups of the garden areas with my phone that I'll post on instagram. But really, you should just go experience it for yourself. Take a friend, take a date, take a kid or two.

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